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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
U-Know in "Couple Selection", A new show to replace Love Letter
10:11 PM

Because The Love Letter show got low ratting so It's replaced by a new game show "Couple Selection".
Starring : MC--> Kim Yong Man, Shinwa JunJin, MC Mong, Sung Si Kyung, Super Junior KangIn, Oh Byung Jin from 5tion, DBSK Yunho.

Click for full size:

credit : bestiz + mickey8 @AF + luv_dr34mer@TVXQFansForum

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TVXQ Christmas Event
12:04 PM

TVXQ is gonna have a 'Miss You/'O' event, a mini Christmas live show with really freakin' complicated application you have to go through so as to protect the guys.

And they are also gonna be in Rhythm Nation aka the largest indoor music festival...LOL but both events are in Japan.

THSK 'Miss You/'O'- Buyers event. (released 8-11)

Date; December 2006 (subject to change without prior notice)
Time; undecided (Vylette said it's 4 PM LOL, she's not sure though)
Capacity; undecided
Content of the show; Mini Live (Christmas)
Venue/s; Tokyo/Fukuoka/Nagoya

To join, participants must bring the invitation on the day of the event

How to apply and how winners of the invitation would be chosen; Application would start on the release date of Miss You. When you buy the single, be it the CD+DVD or CD version, attached is an event application ticket. Stick two application tickets (from any version) into a post card and send it to us. Lots shall be drwan and only the winners shall be informed of the venue on their invitations. You must bring the invitation on the day of the event.

It doesn't matter how many times you apply, since there are no restrictions. On the postcard, write your zip code, name, address, phone #, occupation, age and the venue you prefer.

Deadline for applications would be on November 22, 2006. Postcards marked later this day would not be accepted


;Only the winner can join, you cannot give the invitation tother poeple
;Each invitation admits 2 people only
;Possibility of the change on the content of the event due to TVXQ's situation, please take note
;Please follow the staff's instructions on that day. You might not be allowed to enter the venue if you don't follow
;Please don't gather in front of the venue the day before the event
;Please follow the staff's guidance when the venue is opened
;Never do immoral acts on the venue
;Please contact the stuff only for inquiries on the event and not about other things
;Lights, boards, cameras, video cams and other recording devices would be confiscated until the end of the event.
;The invitation would be collect when you enter, it would not be given back
;Fares and transportation would be payed by the participant
;Giving presents, asking for signatures and handshakes will not be accepted

translation; hero_ine@bww2
source; toho-jp.net
original language; Japanese

TVXQ Selected Most Popular Asian Artist in Thailand
11:01 AM

The five-man group TVXQ has won the “Popular Vote Asia Artist” award at the “Virgin Hits Awards 2006” hosted by Thai radio Virgin, which is the largest radio station in Thailand.

Established in 2004, the awards are given to singers and songs in 40 categories based on local music charts and internet polls.

TVXQ beat out Japanese singer Hikaru Utada and Taiwanese singer Wang Lee Hom to become the only foreign award winner.

Source: KBS Global

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Monday, October 30, 2006
MNet 100 Hottest Men
2:16 PM

Yunho is in the highest place, no.8
Jaejoong in no.16..
Micky in no.21
Xiah, no.55
and the last is Changmin in no.76

Click for full size:

Credit: Credits: BoAjjang/ thesweetestkrn@KM/ kpopkingdom/nana555@Bi's Kingdom/deppstar@af

Sunday, October 29, 2006
5:26 PM

10/25 Wednesday
- Gag Concert - 7:00-9:00PM [Recording]
- "O"-Jung.Ban.Hab Showcase - [SBS DRAMA+] 9:50-10:50PM [Rerun]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
- Chae Yongee's Pure 19 (Ep. 36) - [Mnet] 11:00PM-12:00AM [Broadcast]

10/26 Thursday
- tvNMAD.com - [tvN] 12:00-1:00AM [Broadcast]
- Love Letter (Ep. 101) - [SkyLife U TV] 6:00-7:30AM [Broadcast] (U-Know Yunho)
{I think this is technically a rerun, meaning not a new episode of Love Letter}
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 8:00-9:00AM [Rerun]
- M Countdown - 1:30PM [Recording]
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 4:00-5:00PM [Rerun]
- 2004 MKMF Special Episode - [Mnet] 4:00-5:00PM [Broadcast]
- Love Letter (Ep. 101) - [SkyLife U TV] 4:30-6:00PM [Rerun] (U-Know Yunho)
- M Countdown - [Mnet, KM] 7:30-9:00PM [Live Broadcast]
- Show! Music Core [Jinju] - 8:00PM [Recording]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]

10/27 Friday
- Chae Yongee's Pure 19 (Ep. 36) - [Mnet] 1:00-2:00AM [Rerun]
- Over The Mountain! Across The River! (Ep. 87) - [MBC DRAMA] 1:15-2:15AM [Broadcast]
- Over The Mountain! Across The River! (Ep. 88) - [DMB TU 11 MBC DRAMA] 1:15-2:20AM [Broadcast]
- Kim Goo Ra's Gayo Gwangchang - [KBS 2FM (Cool FM)] 12:00-2:00PM [Radio]
- 2005 MKMF Special Episode - [Mnet] 4:00-5:00PM [Broadcast]
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 6:00-7:00PM [Rerun]
- Exclamation Mark Special - [MBC] 6:50-7:20PM [Broadcast]
- Music Bank - 7:00PM [Recording]
- Inkigayo (Ep. 414) - [SkyLife U TV] 9:00-10:00PM [Rerun]
- M Countdown - [Mnet] 9:30-11:00PM [Rerun]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
- M Countdown - [KM] 10:30PM-12:00AM [Rerun]
- Shilhwa Theatre Gold Fishery - [MBC] 10:55-11:45PM [Broadcast] (Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun)

10/28 Saturday
- Chae Yongee's Pure 19 (Ep. 36) - [Mnet] 12:00-1:00AM [Rerun]
- Noh Hong Chul's Joyful Radio - [SBS Love FM] 12:50-2:00AM [Radio]
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 5:00-6:00AM [Rerun]
- Fansigning Session - 1:00PM (U-Know Yunho, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin)
- M Countdown - [Mnet] 2:00-3:30PM [Rerun]
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 3:00-4:00PM [Rerun]
- M Countdown - [KM] 4:30-6:00PM [Rerun]
- Chae Yongee's Pure 19 (Ep. 36) - [Mnet] 5:00-6:00PM [Rerun]
- 2014 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Concert [Gwangju] - 6:30-10:00PM [Performance]
- Yashimmanman - [SkyLife U TV] 8:00-9:30PM [Rerun] (U-Know Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin)
- X-man (Ep. 131) - [SkyLife U TV] 9:30PM-12:00AM [Rerun]
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 10:00-1100PM [Rerun]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
- Over The Mountain! Across The River! (Ep. 88) - [MBC] 10:40-11:40PM [Broadcast]
- Show! Music Core [Jinju] - [MBC] 11:45PM-12:50AM [Broadcast]

10/29 Sunday
- SKC Sign Session [Pusan Seomyeon] - 11:00AM (Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin)
- Hot Tracks Sign Session [Jeonju] - 11:00AM (U-Know Yunho, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu)
- M Countdown - [Mnet] 12:00-1:30PM [Rerun]
- Music Bank - [KBS 2TV] 12:50-1:50PM [Broadcast]
- M Countdown - [KM] 1:00-2:30PM [Rerun]
- Hot Tracks Sign Session [Daegu] - 3:00PM (Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin)
- Inkigayo [Jaeju] - [SBS] 3:40-4:35PM [Broadcast]
- Shinnara Sign Session [Daegu] - 4:00PM (U-Know Yunho, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu)
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 4:00-5:00PM [Rerun]
- Heroine 6 - [KBS 2TV]5:45-7:55PM [Broadcast] (Part 1 of 2)
- Inkigayo - [SkyLife U TV] 7:00-8:00PM [Rerun]
- Gag Concert - [KBS 2TV] 8:55-10:05 [Broadcast]
- Chae Yongee's Pure 19 (Ep. 36) - [Mnet] 9:00-10:00PM [Rerun]
- M Countdown - [KM] 9:00-10:30PM [Rerun]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]

10/30 Monday
- tvnMAD.com - [tvN] 2:00-3:00AM [Rerun]
- M Countdown - [Mnet] 10:30-12:00AM [Rerun]
- Japan Concert Highlights - [MTV] 7:30-8:30PM [Rerun]
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
10/31 Tuesday
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
11/1 Wednesday
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
11/2 Thursday
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
11/3 Friday
- Park Joon Hyung's FM Inkigayo - [KBS 2R (Happy FM)] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]
11/4 Saturday
- Selection Couple - [SBS] 5:30PM [Broadcast] (U-Know Yunho)
{Previously, there was also a broadcast here for Over The Mountain! Across The River!}
11/5 Sunday
- Heroine 6 - [KBS 2TV] 5:45-7:55PM [Broadcast] (Part 2 of 2)

11/12 Sunday
- 2006 Nongshim Love Share Concert - 3:00-5:00PM [Performance]
Miscellaneous appearances with unset dates:
- Viking - [SBS] Saturday 6:40PM
- Infinite Challenge - [MBC] Saturday 6:35-7:45PM
- Park Myung Soo's Fun Fun Radio - [MBC FM4U] 10:00-12:00PM [Radio]

Original schedule credits: bestiz
Translation credits: dreamweaver@soompi / wackycashew
Posted By: Fairytale_Angel@AF + Hermione@TVXQFansForum

Saturday, October 28, 2006
PICS: TVXQ in Appeal+ing Magazine
11:03 PM

Click for full size:

Credits: BZ

Click for full size:



PICS: Oct 25 2006 - TVXQ at Radion station without Yunho
10:21 PM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



PICS: Backstage @ tvN MAD
9:39 PM

Click for full size:

Credits: tvN MAD.com



PICS: From the Golden Fish Show
8:33 PM

Click for full size:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us



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