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Monday, December 31, 2007
TVXQ's3rd Japanese album - T - info
3:28 PM

CD Tracklist:


  1. TRICK
  2. NO?
  3. Purple Line
  4. Forever Love
  5. Summer Dream
  6. Ride on
  8. Lovin’ you
  9. Rainbow
  10. SHINE
  12. CLAP!
  13. Love in the Ice
  14. Forever Love -a cappella version-
  15. Lovin’ you -Haru’s”deep water”mix-
  16. Together [BONUS TRACK]

Yesasia Link

CD+DVD Version Tracklist:


  1. TRICK
  2. NO?
  3. Purple Line
  4. Forever Love
  5. Summer Dream
  6. Ride on
  8. Lovin’ you
  9. Rainbow
  10. SHINE
  12. CLAP!
  13. Love in the Ice
  14. Together [BONUS TRACK]


  • Lovin’ you
  • Summer Dream
  • Forever Love
  • Together
  • Off Shot Movie
Yesasia Link

2CD+2DVD Version Tracklist:
  1. TRICK
  2. NO?
  3. Purple Line
  4. Forever Love
  5. Summer Dream
  6. Ride on
  8. Lovin’ you
  9. Rainbow
  10. SHINE
  12. CLAP!
  13. Love in the Ice
  14. Together [BONUS TRACK]

- CD 2 -
15. Song for you
16. Day Moon
17. Beautiful Life
18. You’re my miracle

- DVD 1 -

  1. Lovin’ you
  2. Summer Dream
  3. SHINE
  4. Forever Love
  5. Together

- DVD 2 -

  • Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2007 -TOHOSHINKI-
  • 2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~ Special Edition
Yesasia Link

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TVXQ elected as the President of the Republic of Korean Music
4:55 AM

Click for full size

Famous group TVXQ was elected as the President of the Republic of Korean Music. This virtual presidential election started from October 23 until December 11 and was organized by the cable channel MTV. Among thirty candidates, TVXQ monopolized the election and recorded 43.9% of votes whereas the second and third placers were Jang Woo Hyuk and BIG BANG, respectively. Because of this win, MTV and Boombox (http://www.mtv.co.kr) declared December 23 as “TVXQ Day” and will air special programs about the group.

Source: KBS World
credit :jOLyN @ csspf

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TVXQ's Year-End(2007)/New-Year(2008) Schedule
3:51 AM

31.12.2007 ~23:50-29:00 TBS Television 『CDTV Special!Over year Premium Live 2007~2008』

--------MTV『MY Playlist』Degree of January Monday Charge
7.1.2008 ~17:30-18:00 First Broadcast ※Every week's Monday appeared as VJ。
10.1.2008 ~22:54-23:00 Tokyo Te€lebi (TX)『Scene』

・Sendai Area
14.1.2007 ~24:45-5:15 Sendai broadcast(OX)『mashup! Sound King MUSIO
Net Bureau(Shizuoka Telebi 1/22 O.A Schedule、Sakuranbo Telebi 1/25 0.A Schedule)
※Talk about cherry blossom and some funny stuff。

magazine features:
【year 2007】
12/28(fri)『ARENA37℃ SPECIAL』※Cover。
12/28(fri)『R&R newsmaker』

【year 2008】
1/23(wed)『Kindai』※Jeajoong's first solo interview!!
1/18(fri)『Oricon Style』
1/12(sat)『CD So- it is』
1/9(wed)『PATi PATi』

Credits: toho-jp/Christine_@cyxion
Edited by: hseliz

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TVXQ's 3rd Japanese Album
3:45 AM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Release Date: 23rd January 2008
It's open for pre-order now

Descriptions by: Yesasia.com

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TVXQ on Artist Special Break TV
3:34 AM

In January MTVJ is airing ARTIST SPECIAL BREAK TV, and several artist as well as TVXQ will appear.
It is said that each artist will make brief comments as well as perform.

The show focuses on the latest hit number countdown 30 songs in addition to each artist's attention to the music invites Talk deployment.
The program's unique perspective on the choice of artists and all sorts of comments!

Latest promotional video, and checks will also help show "BREAK TV"!

The first half of the initial broadcast: January 4 (Friday) 15:00 - 16:00
Late first broadcast: Jan. 16 (Wednesday) 11:00-12:00 (probably waste.)

[Comment] ON AIR
TVXQ, w-inds. A UVERworld, SONOMI, Ito, faith, SOUL'd OUT, BRIGHT
[Repeat] broadcasting
Credit: TVXQ Soul

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Sunday, December 30, 2007
DOWNLOADS: Purple line + Pre-order links
2:30 PM

Click for full size
Click HERE to download a clearer version of the song
More info about the single :

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
CD + DVD Tracklist:
Yesasia Link

CD + DVD Tracklist:
Yesasia Link

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TVXQ's 16th Japanese single : Purple Line ??
3:58 AM

The single, called: PURPLE LINE, is rumored to be out in January 2008. Filled with an R&B sound, it's said that it was previewed on Bigeast Station.

Here's the single's tracklist:
  1. Purple Line
  2. DEAD END -STY Ginn' Tonic mix
  3. ZION -Zero G REMIX-
  4. Purple Line (instrumental)
  5. DEAD END -STY Ginn' Tonic mix (instrumental)
Still there is no comfirmation...

Click :
Note: No credit were given for the links 'cause they were "accidently" found on the net

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Monday, December 24, 2007
PICS: TVXQ performed at Kyunghee University
3:48 PM

As of October 19

After a successful concert promotion trip in Malaysia, DBSK flew back to Korea and performed at Kyunghee University.

Click for full size:

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Reuters talk about TVXQ
1:38 PM

As of November 1st

Click for full size

The boys, managed by Lee Su, are working hard right now to be the best in Asia, and then they’ll target Europe and North Asia.TVXQ’s story was picked up by Reuters, but it was evident that the writer was fascinated by TVXQ’s unique fan base.

By Angela Moon

SEOUL (Reuters Life!) - Backed by legions of teenage girls and middle-aged Japanese women old enough to be their mothers, South Korean boy band TVXQ is looking to conquer Asia.
The five-member group whose bubble gum pop tunes and glitzy dance steps are reminiscent of Backstreet Boys are among the top music sellers in South Korea, and they have also posted strong sales of 13 singles in Japan.
"We definitely want to perform in bigger parts of the world, in Europe and Northeast Asia, eventually. But now, we want to be on top of Asia," said the band's frontman who goes by the name of U-know Yunho before a sold-out concert in Seoul at the weekend.

South Korean boy bands have a history of burning hot and bright at home and finding fans across due to the inroads made by Korean pop stars such as the artist known as Rain.
However, unlike other parts of the world where boy bands die out as their popularity wanes and the members become older, South Korean boy bands often fall apart when their members are called in for the country's mandatory military service.

TVXQ, which is an abbreviation for what can be translated in Korean as "the gods will rise from the East", was formed three years ago. It has set a frantic pace for itself to make the most of its time in the spotlight.
Its members are between the ages of 19 and 21, and will likely start being called in for military service in the next year or two.

It took four hours for the group to sell out 33,000 seats for a series of concerts in Seoul, its management company SM Entertainment said.
The group is in the middle of its second Asian tour, playing Taipei this month. They will perform in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai in the coming months.
TVXQ has done well in Asia's biggest music market of Japan. It latest single "Summer" has climbed to the top slots of the Japanese charts.

TVXQ also has a following among Japanese 40-something housewives, who are fascinated by the band's fresh and boyish image. Many flew to South Korea for the concerts at the weekend.

"They are so cute and charismatic," said Hiromi Iino, a 40 year-old Japanese woman from Fukuoka.

(Additional reporting by Lee Jinjoo, Jessica Kim and Shim Nara) "

Read This high profile article here



PICS: TVXQ excites Thai fans
1:05 PM

As of October 15 :

The five Shin-Kis flew to Thailand over the weekend to promote their “2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’ in Bangkok” scheduled for December 15th & 16th. As expected they were welcomed by thousands of local Cassiopeias and the local media, confirming that TVXQ boys are on their way of Asian domination - or are they already there?
TVXQ will hold their “2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’ in Seoul” from October 26th to 28th at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Click for full size:

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PICS: The 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’ in Korea
11:46 AM

Despite leader Yunho’s back injury, TVXQ’s “The 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’” in Korea was a huge success. The five pretty boys made 33,000 Cassiopeias go wild and even caused 16 fangirls to faint during their concert held at Seoul Olympic Stadium from October 26th to 28th.
TVXQ sang 26 songs over 3 hours and performed a new R&B song produced by Xiah Junsu titled “If I can breathe next to you” (네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면). Girls Generation and Super Junior were the featured guests at the concert.

Click for full size:

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PICS: Arena37° [January] Magazine scans [Japanese]
11:28 AM

Click for full size:

Credits as tagged

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Sunday, December 23, 2007
12:06 AM

user posted image

Album: 2007 Winter SM TOWN
Language: Korean
Genre: KPop
Release Date: 07-December-2007

01 사랑 하나죠 - SM TOWN
02 12월 27일 - BoA
03 Evergreen - 동방신기
04 첫눈이 와 - Super Junior
05 We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad - 천상지희 the Grace
06 Winter Wonderland - Kangta
07 Love Melody - 소녀시대
08 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - 현진
09 눈꽃이 날리면 - 추가열
10 Oh Holy night - 장리인
11 유년의 크리스마스 - 송광식
12 여행기 - 동방신기 (Bonus Track)

Download full album:
Credits: gosenshi

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Saturday, December 22, 2007
2:25 PM

Single: Together
Language: Japanese
Genre: JPop
Release Date: 19-December-2007
Bitrate: 320 kbs

01 Together
02 Together (Kids Version)
03 Forever Love (Bell'n'Snow version)
04 Together (Less Vocal)

DIRECT Download Full Single
Download Torrent
Credits: gosenshi

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