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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
DOWNLOADS: Beautiful You / 千年恋歌 [FULL SINGLE]
11:21 PM

Single: Beautiful You / 千年恋歌
Release Date: April 23, 2008
Download Version C : [4S] (40.2MB @ 192kbps)
*Bonus Track (7.27mb @ 320kbps) will be uploaded soon*

CD+DVD Type A:
  1. Beautiful you
  2. 千年恋歌 (Sennen Koi Uta)
  3. Beautiful you (Less Vocal)
  4. Sennen Koi Uta (Less Vocal)

  1. Beautiful you
  2. 千年恋歌 (Sennen Koi Uta)
  3. CLAP! -SOUL of SOUL remix-
  4. Beautiful you (Less Vocal)
  5. Sennen Koi Uta (Less Vocal)

CD ONLY First Press Edition Type C:
  1. Beautiful you
  2. 千年恋歌 (Sennen Koi Uta)
  3. 千年恋歌 (Korean Version)
  4. 千年恋歌 (Japanese Karaoke)
  5. 千年恋歌 (Korean Karaoke)
  6. Beautiful you (Less Vocal)
  7. 千年恋歌 (Less Vocal)

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TVXQ Tops Japanese Oricon Chart
3:24 AM

Popular male vocal group TVXQ recently reached the top of the Japanese Oricon Chart.

The group's 22nd single "Beautiful You" ranked number one on the Oricon daily chart the day it was released on April 23. The song also ranked number one on the May 5 weekly chart.

With "Beautiful You" topping the Japanese Oricon Chart, TVXQ has become the first Asian group to do so in the 24 years and five months since "Love is Over," sung by a Taiwanese female artist, topped the chart in December, 1983.

TVXQ is currently on a nationwide tour in Japan, performing in a total of 17 concerts in front of 150,000 fans. The grand finale of TVXQ's "TVXQ 3rd Live Tour 2008-T" will take place at the Super Arena in Saitama on May 6.

Asian and even European fans are expected to flock to the final performance which will be held over Japan's long weekend.

Source: KBS world

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Beautiful You Comment Videos
3:02 AM

Watch the videos:
Goo Magazine Video
What's in Web Magazine Video

Credits:Tohoshinki Media Page

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
TVXQ's 22nd single : Oricon-Chart topper
1:36 PM

Click for full size

TVXQ’s 22nd Japanese single entitled “Beautiful You,” which was released today, April 23, rose on top of today’s Oricon Daily Single chart, proving the male group’s popularity in “The Land of the Rising Sun.” This is the third time TVXQ has ranked 1st in the Oricon Single chart, which according to an official from TVXQ’s agency is a very meaningful feat. The group’s first Oricon chart-topper single was “Summer Dream” and was followed by “Purple Line,” which was also the group’s first top-placer in the Oricon Weekly chart.

Source: Starnews
Credits: krnloop

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
A-Nation 2008
1:19 PM

Click for full size

Koda Kumi
Ai Otsuka
Every Little Thing
Ami Suzuki

Saturday 26th July - Ehime Prefecture :
General Sports Park NINJINIASUTAJIAMU Ehime Prefecture (Athletics)

Saturday 2nd Aug - Miyazaki : Prefecture :
General Miyazaki Prefecture Sports Park Stadium

Sunday 10th Aug - Ishikawa Prefecture :
western Ryokutikouen Stadium

Sunday 17th Aug - Aichi Prefecture :
a special open-air venue in a friendly POTOMESSE

Saturday 23rd Aug - Osaka
Sakai Minato Green Plaza

Sunday 24th Aug - Osaka
Sakai Minato Green Plaza

Saturday 30th Aug - Tokyo
Ajinomoto Stadium

Sunday 31st Aug - Tokyo
Ajinomoto Stadium

Credits: A-Nation.net

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Monday, April 21, 2008
05-06-2008 : LIVE Photo Collection
2:07 PM

Click for full size:

TVXQ 3rd. LIVE TOUR T-2008
Live Photo book!

It would be available for limited time.
Simultaneous release of six titles:
TVXQ version + 5 member versions.

Credits: Red Smile + God4u.jp

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Monday, April 14, 2008
TVXQ on CNN World News
11:24 PM

TVXQ is starting to spread the world. Not only they appeared on Reuters, but yesterday, they're also on CNN as well!
Currently focusing on Japan, their popularity never seems to decrease in other parts of Asia!
Is it time to conquer America?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Click for full size
Watch the clip on CNN Official site or on YouTube [Credits: Passyx7]

The funny thing is that the presenter at first was talkin' of only Super Junior without knowing that the clip was mostly about TVXQ!

Pretty clumsy, but names don't matter. TVXQ is bigger than that! =D

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TVXQ to Release Brand New Single Album
11:08 PM

The popular idol group TVXQ will release its 22nd single "Beautiful You" on April 23.

After releasing its third studio album in January, the group has been releasing a series of singles with the member taking turns as the main vocalist. "Beautiful You" will be TVXQ's seventh single album this year.

The latest single features the theme song from "The Story of the First King's Four Gods," a historical drama series starring Bae Yong-joon, which began airing in Japan on NHK on April 5.

According to the April 12th edition of Japan's Oricon News, female music listeners in their 20s and 40s were most interested in the soon-to-be-released single album. Compared to the seven singles that were released last year, the six singles that were released this year as of March had a recognition rate of 69.8 percent versus 56.7 percent.

Oricon News said the consecutive releases of the single albums as well as the popularity of the historical drama series are expected to boost the sales of the latest single.

TVXQ included Korean and Japanese versions of the drama theme song "Cheonnyeonyeonga." The single album contains a total of five different versions of the song including a karaoke version and an instrumental version.

Credits: KBS Global

More info about the single
Released - April 23, 2008

1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
4. 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)

1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. CLAP! -SOUL of SOUL remix-
4. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
5. 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)

1. Beautiful You
2. 千年恋歌
3. 千年恋歌 -Korean ver.- (천년연가)
4. 千年恋歌(Japanese karaoke)
5. 千年恋歌(Korean karaoke)
6. Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
7. 千年恋歌 (Less Vocal)

1. Beautiful You (Video Clip)
2. Off Shot Movie(*)
3. 千年恋うた (Video Clip)(**)
4. TV Spot for "The Legend" (**)

Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta (千年恋うた‎‎) is Tohoshinki's 22nd Japanese single, released on April 23, 2008 shortly before the completion of the T album Japan tour. Sennen Koi Uta (千年恋うた‎‎) in English means "Eternal Love Song".

Credits : shaka beach @bww2

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
TVXQ's futur Magazines, Radio Stations and TV Appearances
9:29 PM

(update 2008.4.7)

4 / 14 (Mon) 20:00-20:54 Fuji TV systems (CX), "HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP "
¦ Beautiful you, the first public television. The Talk is also interesting.
4 / 21 (Mon) to 4 / 25 (Fri) 24:10 ~ TV Asahi "soul sound (ONTAMA)"

4 / 23 (Wed) 21:00 to 22:50 ~ Music Japan TV
4 / 29 (Tue) 23:00 to 23:53 ~ MUSIC ON! TV [Artist File]
5 / 1 (Thu) 13:00 to 13:30 ~ Music Japan TV Festival, the GW J-POP
5 / 1 (Thu) 00:10 to 00:40 ~ NHK [Music Japan]
5 / 2 (Fri) 01:05 to 02:00 NTV - MUSIC FIGHTER!
5 / 8 (Thu) 00:10 to 00:40 ~ NHK [Music Japan]

(update 2008.4.7)

4 / 23 (Wed) 17:00 to 20:00 ~ TOKYO FM "WONDERFUL WORLD"

4 / 24 (Thu) 17:00 FM (FM-JAGA), "POWER BOMB! DIAL! "
4 / 22 (Tue) 23:00 ~ 24:00 (CRT) "Rie's Deli POP-J"
4 / 8 (Tue) 17:00-18:00 Sendai City community FM (Radio 3), "GROOVIN 'J"

(update 2008.4.7)

5 / 1 (Thu), "digimaga" Matsumoto Kiyoshi- distributed in the newspaper ads
4 / 26 (Sat), "B-PASS"
4 / 25 (Fri), "Oricon Style"
4 / 23 (Wed), "ahpiring"
4 / 23 (Wed), "Kindai"
4 / 15 (Tue), "KERA"
4 / 14 (April 2007) "CD Data."
4 / 10 (Thu), "ARENA37C " "Beautiful you" close coverage of the PV.
4 / 9 (Wed), "PATi PATi"

Credits: Red Smile

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Monday, April 07, 2008
TVXQ 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT ‘O’ in Shanghai
1:47 PM

Click for full size

5-member group TVXQ is set to hold its concert in Shanghai, China at the end of May.

This concert, which will take place on May 31 at Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai, China, is part of the group’s “TVXQ 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT ‘O’.”

Last April 4, a press conference in a hotel in Shanghai was held regarding the concert, which according to SM Entertainment, was attended by not only 150 press people but also fans. The group’s agency also expressed its gratitude to TVXQ’s fans for waiting patiently for the concert to be held in China. SM Entertainment also commented that this concert in Shanghai is going to be the grand finale to the group’s Asian tour, which already took place in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The next day, April 5, TVXQ flew back to Japan for its concert in Hiroshima on April 12-13. TVXQ is currently holding an 8-city Japanese tour called “3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~.”

Credits: krnloop
Source: Starnews

Click for full size:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Sunday, April 06, 2008
TVXQ Interview - OK Magazine 2008
5:30 PM

Click for full size:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Interview Translations:

Insured secret
For those who were wondering when did TVXQ have time to shoot CF for YAMAHA when they are so busy. We can answer this to you now that when everyone was busy looking for their tickets to TVXQ 2nd asia concert 'O' in Bangkok. The boys spent 5 days shooting this CF. Company Crew had contract that if there was no CF shooting secret leak out to fans then the company crew would get 7 digits pay to insure. However, if the news leaked then the company had to pay SM back 7 digits insurance as well.

Superstar Spirit
There were rumors about TVXQ needed special treatment, arrogant, unfriendly, and diva-like so the crew was at first feeling uncomfortable working around them. The first 2-set of still photo-shooting went well on the first day and next day for CF shooting they went to outdoor location and while TVXQ was having lunch together, the director said that U-Know must got into the shooting because of the sun light was not going to be enough for shooting. And at that very point of time, yunho was just put the spoon in his mouth, and every crew member was holding their breaths. Then yunho right away put down the spoon and get ready to act. No drama and the man called Yunho had just won the hearts of the crew just like that.

Super Koreans
Of course, this CF shooting was all about Motorcycles so it required TVXQ to ride on actual motorcycles. The problem was that they are not very good on riding on motorbikes so the crew had to be extra cautious. But to stop them from riding was not possible since every time they were free they hopped right on the motorbikes and rode on. But most worrying incident was when Xiah who was not good at riding at all had to ride into the scene. We didn't know how he did it but out of nowhere Xiah got himself riding one wheel (on the back) with the front wheel up so high in the air and the bike kept moving. This unintentionally stunt skill got the crew half heart attack before they all went in and caught Xiah AND his bike. Oblivious to what happened, Xiah didn't share the panic attack and instead said 'I'm sorry' in Thai to the crew.

Thai Foods 'Sab mark mark' (local dialect for very very spicy)
At first, the boys only ate korean foods every meal so the crew thought that they probably didn't like that foods because its spiciness (spiciness for thai and korean are different - not on level, but the taste). Everyone should know that in one scene, Max would be eating 'som tam' and since it's for the shooting the crew needed to make somtam really red so it looks good on TV so they put tons of chili. Being playful, Max actually put a mouthful in his mouth during the scene and he had to spit it out. Then Jaejoong wanted to try, but the crew tried to stop him because the somtam was not for eating purpose but he insisted that he eats more spicy things in Korea.

Favorite foods
Because they are growing up.. the boys appeared to need a lot of food. Eating is very important to them. Besides thai sukiyaki that has become their favorite, the local snacks in bags are their most favorite as well. They ate so much that they got mouth ulcer (canker sore) but this didn't seem to effect them. And the more they were told to stop, the more they wanted to eat.. the other thing that they could not live without was thai energetic drinks (caffeinated). It was said in the crew team that the boys liked them very much that they drank the crew's. For those who thought that TVXQ would only drink or eat expensive stuff had to be sorely disappointed. The boys eat everything; instant noodles, snack in a bag (5 baht a bag = approximately 16 cents US), normal bottle of water (7 baht a bottle = 22 cents) instead of 2 USD a bottle of mineral water prepared for them. The crew was found drinking local energetic drinks (caffeinated), the boys asked them what it was and tried them. Apparently they loved the drinks so much they kept drinking them even though they know it'd keep them up at night. This is why the crew was so impressed with TVXQ. But that's not all yet, the main activity that the boys live for was getting thai massage. No matter how busy they were, they always found the time for massage.

Message from the crew to TVXQ
U-know Yunho - leadershi, always highly responsibility, taking care of members all the time, and give importance to everyone in the crew. He spent his free time warming up his voice, and singing. He has extremely high confidence but the only thing worries him is the future of TVXQ and the band development. How suitable for his role as leader.

Max Changmin - the man who comes with the words 'anything/whatever'. He's quite quiet and shy person. Spent all his time with iPod and Laptop. He likes to live in his own world playing games, surfing internet, watching movie. There was once that everyone was shopping at duty free except Changmin. He said he wanted to play computer. After everyone was done shopping, the crew had to go back and pick up Changmin to board the plane. The crew said to OK! magazine that whenever the crew asked Changmin if he would like this or that, he always replies 'anything/whatever'.

Xiah Junsu - the first time the crew met Xiah, he was very very lively person but at the same time it was very difficult to predict his mood. He sometimes seemed difficult to reach and the crew think he is the most mysterious member of the team. However, when he's in playful mood he would pick on every single person!

Micky Yoochun - Extremely gentleman and very observant! Micky is very curious person and very observant. If two crew members walked together, Micky would ask if those two were dating and we got all confused as of why in the world would micky want to know about that. He always changes his hairstyle by the time you read OK! magazine he would probably already changed his hairstyle. Which is true, during press conference for YAMAHA on feb 2nd, 2008 he already sported very short bang on the forehead.

Hero Jaejoong - He is the person that the crew loves so much. Even though during the first meeting he was the only one that everyone tried to avoid. Everyone would go to Changmin, Yunho, Micky, and Junsu but nobody would talk to Jaejoong. And this was the question Jaejoong asked the crew about why nobody talked to him. The crew said because Jaejoong you don't smile, everyone got scared thought you were moody. Jaejoong jokingly said no he didn't want to smile because he wouldn't look good when he smiled. Then he tried to share jokes and everything. The crew said Jaejoong won their hearts with his charisma.

Source: OK!magazine, 4nologue co., Ltd.
Credit for the sources: alwaysjaejoong.com
Translation credits: Trouble @ Soompi / ajumma @ LJ

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Saturday, April 05, 2008
DOWNLOADS: Beautiful you [PV]
3:49 PM

This is a MQ File, the HQ one will be up later

[MU] [FF]

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
The boys' latest messages
2:18 PM


The live at Fukuoka had ended. T_T
I had been waiting to live in Fukuoka, I did..and definitely, it ended so swiftly...

How was everyone? Had you enjoyed it? My charisma was good right!?

Having fun in the dancing and singing on the stage, felt really really good.
I think I've got lots of power from everybody today at the performance.
But it was very disappointing that there's only one live in Fukuoka...

I really thank you.
I love Fukuoka~

Credits: dnbn.org
Translation: fin123


(Hello) everyone, I am Yunho

Today is the final day in Osaka.
We´ve become one with each and everyone one of your feelings, that´s how fun it´s been
and I think the performance turned out cool. Thank you (*^ー˚ )v
Especially Somebody To Love and Together were really good.
It really was a lot of fun. Especially waving the towels with everyone (^ ^)
The live in Osaka has just finished but I already want to do a live here again

Let's have fun like today again when we meet next time.

I love Osaka (^ ^) /

Credits: withyoonho.com + Avex (Japan) + Yunho
Translation: fin123


HaHaHa! (^-^) Everybody~! I'm Changmin.
We did our very best at today's concert~ (^›^)
However, recently I'm feeling very insecure.. T_T
Last year, it was only Junsu who was talking about the Oyaji gag.
This year, even though it's important for all 5 members to sing and dance well, We still need to give everyone a new segment of laughter during MC...

Therefore, I'm having lots of pressure/stress, we're going crazy... please do help/save us. There hasn't been much inspiration recently. What are we going to do~

In any case, we'll continue doing our best.
Am praying that tomorrow's concert atmosphere wouldn't be that cold again

Credits: dnbn.org + Avex (Japan) + Changmin
Translation: fin123


大阪のみなさんもうかりまっか?パク"おおさか"ユチョンです!!あ!…ちょっと遅れましたが大阪のみんな元気?ひさびさに会えてすごくうれしかったです。今日のライブはどうでしたか?思う存分楽しめましたか?今回のライブツアー2008Tは大阪だけでなんと4..4..4..4回も!!行われますので\ (^^)/ まだ3回残っています。ぼくたちもすごく楽しみにしているので、みなさんも楽しんでくださいね。みなさんの変わらない声援がぼくたちががんばれる原動力だと思います。いつもありがとう!!明日もがんばります。

Rough translation:
Is everybody high in Osaka as well! This is Park "Osaka" Yuchun!
Oh!...How's everyone doing in Osaka? Is everybody gratified with the performance? How did I performed today? Is it different? Did everybody enjoyed without restraint?
This is how the The Live Tour 2008 [T] in Osaka is done so for 4.. 4.. 4.. 4 times! (^ ^)/
There's 3 more left. We are really looking forward to it.
Please do enjoy it! I think the driving force is your unchanged GANBARERU.

You're driving force is unchanged. We'll work hard.

Thank you everyone!!
Tomorrow we will work hard too.

Thanks always.
We'll GANBARIMASU tomorrow too.

Credits: Avex (Japan) + THSK + dnbn.org
Rough Translation done by fin123

(Osaka 3rd Live Tour "T" concert)

3 月27日 大阪 Thank you mail from 在中大家好!我是在中!大阪的第2天表演已经结束了。有点寂寞呢(T-T)不过还有2天,让我们一起来制造更多美好的回忆吧!我个人来说呢,来到大阪情绪很高涨呢!虽说刚刚结束,但是又想快点见到大家了呢!o(^-^)o而且今天到场的观众里有不少男粉丝呢!有些意外!一想到东方神起的粉丝里也有男生就觉得好开心!!当然也感到些压力( ̄∇ ̄;)今天真的很幸福!大阪最棒!!

Rough translation:
Hello everybody! I'm Jaejoong!
The 2nd live in Osaka had just ended. Feeling kind of lonely about it (T-T)
But there's still 2 more days to go, let's create memories of it!
To my point of view, coming to Osaka, the feeling was really high!
Although it had just ended, I really want to see everyone again!
And in today's concert, I noticed there was quite a number of guys fans! Am quite surprised!
To think about THSK having guys fans made me feel happy about it!
Of course there's too addition of pressure (^^/)
Today's performance was good! Osaka the best!

Credits: Baidu
Translation: fin123 @ soompi



Q: Is there any movie you watched recently that you’d like to recommend?
JS: [I Am Legend]. I felt like reading the original text after watching the movie
YH: [우리생애최고의순간] (T/N: English title: Forever the Moment), it’s a recent Korean movie about handball
JJ: [Interview]
Q: A Japanese song you liked recently is?
JS: “Kokoni iruyo’ (Here I am) (T/N: by Soulja) I like the rap and melody of the song
JJ: I like L’ARC~EN~CIEL’s ‘Daybreak’s Bell’
Q: A Western song you liked recently is?
JS: Brain McKnight’s ‘So Sorry’. I’ll tear up just by listening to it, it’s a good song
YH: “Love Is On The Way’ is a song that’s completely filled with Billy Porter’s charm, it’s a very good song.
JJ: I like Color Me Badd’s songs. The main vocalist’s voice is very unique
Q: A game you’re addicted to?
JS: A Korean online game, ‘Grando Espada’. It makes me very happy because it can move and train on its own when I leave my computer on when I’m at work
YH: Everyone’s addicted to online games
JJ: Recently, I’m getting tired of playing games online
Q: Food that you like recently?
JS: I really like Hitsumabushi
YH: Chili ramen
JJ: I still like curry
Q: A Japanese word you learned recently?
JS: Absorb (suitoru),
YH: School gathering, effusion (shinshutsu), bland (burando)
JJ: To ignite (moetsuku), love at first sight (Hitomebore)
Q: THSK’s theme for 2008 is?
JS, YH, JJ: Cool and Wild
JJ: A mature THSK~
Q: Something you want to do?
JS: Compose a song that everyone will like
YH: Write songs
JJ: I want to collaborate with many artistes.
Q: It’s already your 3rd year in Japan, when do you will that time passes very quickly?
JS: When everyone accepts my jokes in Japanese
YH: The number of singles we’ve released so far
JJ: When I see the photos we took 2-3 years ago
Q: Something you want to do with fans?
JS: I want to go to the amusement park
YH: I want to pick one of our songs and sing that song with our fans
JJ: Bring them overseas
Q: Some prank the members played that became a legend is?
JS: The birthday party on December 2007 in Thailand. I was about to die…
YH: Junsu’s birthday
Q: Something you wish a member would stop doing, or a secret you want to reveal?
JS: Changmin looks very serious but in actual fact, he’s not like that
YH: Recently Jaejoong has been using his hand phone to take pictures of the members when they are sleeping or weird expressions of them. I wish he’d stop it. I don’t want pictures taken of me in weird poses
JJ: When Junsu is eating, food will always come out from his mouth. I wish he’d stop it
Q: A joke you like?
JS: Yakkun’s “It’s so disappointing’ and Kojima Yoshuo’s ‘Not that kind of relationship’
YH: “It’s so disappointing!’
JJ: ‘O-PA-PI’ (Ocean Pacific Peace. Another one of Kojima Yoshio’s jokes)
JAEJOONG AH~~ u not juz self-cam these days? n starting to "hunt down" the others! hahhaha! :)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Sudden price increase for concert tickets
11:23 PM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

‘A few days ago the price tickets for the Shanghai concert suddenly went up catching the fans off guard. The organisation explained that because changes had to be made for the stage, production costs increased resulting in the price change for the tickets. However, the fans don’t understand why the most important – stage design – would change now, just as tickets are about to go on sale.

Fans claim that it appears prices are getting cut, but in reality, they’re ‘stealing’ money.

On the 31st of May, DBSK will be holding their concert in Shanghai. Because of the number of fans, demand for tickets exceeded earlier expectations. Some fans were afraid they could not get desired seats so, in groups, they ordered their tickets and remitted money in hopes of getting seats close to the stage.

Tickets are supposed to be on sale on the 2nd of April. Fans were highly anticipating this day but then an accident occurred. The organisation announced on the 26th of March the price changes which would occur.

[assuming these are in RMB Yuan]

From 1880 -> 1580 { I think this is the most}
1280 -> 980 { ” ” }

180 -> 280 {’proper’ seats ie not close to stage}
380 -> 480
480 -> 680
580 -> 980 [so now these seats are the same price as the ones close to the stage]’

Credit: momoko_izaki @ TVXQ Cassiopeia Club HK;
Source: 晨報記者高磊;
Translation: candychu @ let’s all eat candy

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TVXQ The new ambassadors of Universal Studios Japan at the awarding ceremony
2:48 PM

Click for full size:

~In the middle of their T album Tour TVXQ participated in the USJ friendly ambassador appointment ceremony~

Nationwide tour TVXQ which is in the midst of developing on the 28th, participated in universal studio [jiyapanajia] friendly ambassador appointment ceremony.

 Regrettable as for me editors' meeting and time striking, it is not to be able to go to the meeting place, but because the public information data which was distributed after the event ending from USJ was procured from the reporter who goes to collection of data in actual place, it introduces on the basis of that.

 When 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the TVXQ members, the companions “of the peanut” and appears together in special installment stage of the park including [sunupi] which wrapped the body in the native dress of Asian each country, it buried around stage, big cheer and applause side happened from many guests.

 In the ceremony, representing the universal studio & Japan, [sunupi] and [chiyari] Brown, from [rushi], appointment proof of the “universal studio [jiyapanajia] friendly ambassador” was handed to TVXQ.

 After that, commemorating ceremony, member everyone like the Hollywood movie man the hand stamp (the bill) it executed.

 It continues to ceremony, the TVXQ members in the fan which celebrates inauguration together, executing mini- live as [sapuraizupurezento]. With live 2 tunes which include the new tune “Beautiful you” of April 23rd schedule thermal singing/stating, from the fan approximately 8000 it collects in the ceremony meeting place, feverish encouragement only is to crack applause as for ceremony of the side happening and TVXQ Asian friendly ambassador inauguration closed the curtain prosperously.

 Roughly it is such feeling. As many as 8000 people fan with collection red sandal wood shank. Well well it is [amazing] popularity. According to the reporter who goes to actual place, it seems that rises rather. Because with special care is, also it introduces several photograph on of site.

Credits: Haaya@3asian+ DaeHanMing

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