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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Korea-Japan Pop Culture Exchanges Flourish
12:46 PM

Korea-Japan Pop Culture Exchanges Flourish
With Headphones On, Korean, Japanese Teenagers Discount Animosity
By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

When Japanese pop group Arashi arrived for a press conference at Incheon International Airport last July 31, about 2,000 screaming teenage girls greeted them. It was hard to tell who was more surprised at the boy band’s raucous reception - the fans, the media or Arashi themselves.
Members of Arashi even admitted during the press conference that they were nervous about coming to Korea because they were not sure how many people actually know about them. It was the group’s first visit, but Arashi had managed to win the hearts of Korean fans even before setting foot in the country.

This is no longer a unique case. Thanks to the hundreds of fan sites, blogs and cafes on the Internet, J-pop stars like Arashi, L’Arc~en~Ciel, SMAP, Gackt, Hyde, Namie Amuro, Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki have significant number of fans in Korea without the help of promotions, shows or concerts.

On the other hand, Korean pop stars are still seeking a breakthrough in the highly competitive world of Japanese pop music.

This year alone, K-pop stars such as TVXQ, Shinhwa, Rain and Se7en have gone on high-profile promotional tours in Japan and released Japanese-language albums and singles.

While their albums have all managed rank in the top 10 on Japan’s Oricon Charts, none of them have managed to even come close to the phenomenal success enjoyed by pop princess BoA.

J-pop Wave

When the Korean government lifted the ban on imports of Japanese cultural products in October 2004, Koreans were finally able to watch Japanese films and dramas, as well as buy Japanese albums.
Japanese pop idols seem to have slowly won over Korean fans as part of the so-called Japanese wave or "illyu".

Japanese performers such as w-inds, Koda Kumi, Goto Maki, Miyavi, Paris Match and Toshi of X-Japan have held shows and concerts in Seoul this year. It was only in 2000 that Japanese stars were allowed to perform in venues holding more than 2,000 people.

More than 18,000 tickets to Arashi’s four concerts in Seoul last Nov. 11 and 12 were sold in one hour. Language is apparently no barrier when it comes to music.

During the concert, Arashi performed almost all of their songs in Japanese. They performed only one Korean-language song. While they attempted a few sentences in Korean, the group needed the help of an interpreter to communicate with the audience.

Sales of Arashi’s albums in Korea are unprecedented for Japanese artists in Korea. According to data from the Recording Industry Association of Korea, "Arashic" was the top-selling foreign album in July, with sales of 10,675 copies. The group’s single "Aozora Pedal", albums "5x5 The Best Collection of 2002-2004" and "Single Collection 1999-2001" also sold more than 20,000 copies combined this year.

Goto Maki, a former member of Morning Musume, attracted many Korean fans after she appeared at the Asia Song Festival in Pusan in November 2005. Since then, about 130,000 Koreans registered with her official fan club. She held her first concert last Nov. 19 at the Melon-AX.
Lee Sou-youn, an 18-year old student, said she started listening to J-pop after a friend gave her a CD of Japanese hip-hop group M-flo. ``I really liked it. Also, there are a lot of Web sites about J-pop singers, so I visited the Web sites, heard more J-pop songs and saw Japanese shows and programs from there,” Lee said.

Naver, Daum and other sites host fan cafes and blogs of thousands of fans who share a common passion for Japanese idols. Some of the fans discover J-pop as they study the Japanese language. Other fans even go to Japan to attend the concerts of J-pop stars.

The historical animosity between Japan and Korea does not seem to affect young fans. Lee said she simply likes the cool sounds of J-pop music and she doesn’t even think much about the fact that it is from Japan.

However, as of now, Japanese performers are still not allowed to appear on Korean television shows. Not that it matters to the fans who get to see performances of their favorite Japanese stars on the Internet.

K-pop in Japan

K-pop, however, has yet to make a dent in the Japanese market. K-pop stars are eager to break into the Japanese market, since it is the world’s second biggest music market after the U.S. Several artists have made big announcements about releasing albums or holding concerts in Japan in the past few years, but most have little to show for it.

BoA is undoubtedly the biggest Korean star in Japan today, prompting some Korean fans to complain she is focusing more on Japan than Korea.

Unlike J-pop stars who release their Japanese language songs and albums in Korea, K-pop stars like Rain, Se7en and TVXQ have made the effort to learn Japanese and release Japanese language albums.

TVXQ, known as Tohoshinki in Japan, is being positioned as a J-pop newcomer rather than a K-pop group. Whenever they perform in Japan, the group sings only Japanese songs. The group now has about 10,000 members in its Japanese fan club.

Yoko, a TVXQ fan who lives in Osaka, said she became interested in Korean pop culture after seeing the hit drama "Winter Sonata". She saw TVXQ’s performance in one of the Korean TV programs on the Internet and became a fan.

Yoko said K-pop groups like TVXQ and Shinhwa are slowly becoming popular among Japanese women. TVXQ and Shinhwa both held successful concerts and fan meetings in Japan the past year, and many Japanese fans usually go to Seoul to watch their shows.

"Regarding how popular they are compared to SMAP and other groups, I may say that TVXQ’s popularity is still budding at this time. But they’re becoming popular because they performed 14 concerts in 10 venues where the hall can seat 2,500 people," she said.

Another Japanese fan, who declined to be identified, said Korean media seems to have exaggerated the popularity of some K-pop stars in Japan. The fan, who watched two of the YG Family concerts in Tokyo last October, said not all the YG concerts were sold out as reported in the Korean media.

"The venue was half-empty, and the audience atmosphere was low for the first concert. But on the second night, the show was sold out and everyone was really hyper. Se7en even did some Japanese comedy gags, which everyone loved,” the fan said. However, the fan said most of the fans were interested only in seeing Se7en perform.

K-pop stars are getting noticed for their talent and earnest efforts to learn Japanese. Yoko said she likes K-pop performers because they have higher quality songs and performances than some J-pop stars. She even thinks it is only a matter of time before TVXQ and other Korean stars equal J-pop stars’ popularity.

It is however tough to predict the future of K-pop stars in Japan and J-pop stars in Korea. But it is significant to see that Japanese and Korean pop stars are helping bridge the gap between the two countries, whose complicated history has always been a source of conflict.

Source: The Korean Times

Tokyo Disney Club Performance Lineup// DBSK #10
12:36 PM

Click for full size:

★ From Tokyo Disneyland® Special Night Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania Remix

1. Club Disney
2. Night of Fire / NIKO
3. Twilight Zone
4. You Can Fly ! You Can Fly ! You Can Fly ! [Peter Pan] / AAA
5. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song) [Cinderella] / AAA
6. Mickey Mouse March / cutie-★마미
7. Super Dancin' Mania

★ From Tokyo DisneySea® Special Night Club Disney Bayside Beat Returns

8. Sky High
9. Y.M.C.A
10. A Whole New World [Aladdin] / DBSK
11. Look Through My Eyes [Brother Bear] / TRF
12. Mickey Mouse March Trance
13. All Of Your Life


DBSK is singing the song 'A Whole New World' LIVE at the Disney Festival on January 28th through 30th.

Tokyo Disney Special Night Club Disney Bayside Beat Returns
-DBSK appearing on the special stage

January 28th, 2007-January 30th, 2007


Trans. credits: sanbi (2nd half)
Credits: Bestiz + TVfXQ Forever + IN:COM

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
TVXQ Message to their Fans
12:56 PM

The Boy's message to the fans
The boys wrote this after the MKMF awards ^^

蜡玫 : 咯矾盒甸苞 窃膊 窍疵阑 唱绰 扁盒捞俊夸! 柳缴栏肺 绊付况夸! ⒔秦夸!
Yoochun: I feel like i'm up the sky with everyone! I'm sincerely thankful... I love you!

辣龋 : 沥富 皑荤钦聪促.. 菊栏肺档 康盔洒 窃膊秦夸~≠
Yunho: Really thankful... Let's be together even in the future~

犁吝 : 呈公皑荤钦聪促.. 窃膊.. 青汗秦夸..^^
Jaejoong: Thank you very much... Let's be happy together..^^

霖荐 : 沥富 咯矾盒甸狼 荤尔栏肺 捞犯霸 奴惑阑 罐霸 登菌翠聪促.^.^ 菊栏肺档 歹宽歹 凯缴洒 且膊夸!! 咯矾盒荤尔钦聪促.
Junsu: I really feel i receive much love from everyone. ^.^ I will try to be better in the future. I love everyone.

芒刮 : 呈公 皑荤钦聪促^^ 沥富 肯.皑 钦聪促~~
Changmin: Very thankful^^ Really very thankful...
Lor: Using a shortcut on thankful. LAZY BOY! Can't even finish syaing "Kamsahamnida".

Credits: Bestiz + Pao!@Soompi for translations

TVXQ! in Hong Kong
12:35 PM

TVXQ! in Hong Kong

In front of the international airport at Hong Kong, there wasn't any room to move - it was PACKED. Adoring fans were waiting impatiently for today's V.I.Ps... K-pop teen idols, TVXQ!! The members of TVXQ! were in Hong Kong to promote from their third album. And the fans that heard the singers were coming, congregated in front of the airport at dawn. They were armed with posters, flowers, and cameras. The sheer number of fans had made traffic at the airport impossible. (Who knew they were THIS popular in Hong Kong!) As soon as TVXQ! got to the airport, they were whisked off for a press release. That location was ALSO packed, but this time with reporters curious about the group. One of the reporters asked the group about how it felt to be so popular. Or more specifically, how it felt after winning 4 awards at the MKMF music awards. When the "Q&A" session was over, the press scrambled to get their cameras ready to capture them on film, and TVXQ! members posed confidently! All in all, it was a successful beginning for the group's promotion in Hong Kong. As nervous as they were, it was probably exciting for the members as they prepared to face the huge crowd of fans waiting for them. They were going to an autograph signing event! When they got there, the fans broke out in cheers loud enough to shake the windows of the record store. In fact, there were so many fans shouting and causing temperatures to rise, that one of the fire-safety sprinklers went off! TVXQ! signed autographs for all their fans and later told us that they felt the rush of love from everyone. It was too bad, but the night had to come to an end. Though they only got to spend a day together, it was one that will last for a long time in the minds of TVXQ! and their fans from Hong Kong.

Source: arirangtv.com + kpopper.com

Sunday, December 24, 2006
Jae Joong is sick
1:01 PM

"Here is the translation of Jae Joong's health condition for the past few months or days I only translate the health condition of Jae Joong and not the author's feelings

During this period, we had been following TVXQ! whenever they had performances on stage. Eversince the starting of the promotional activities of their 3rd album: 'O' Jung.Ban.Hap, Joongie had been falling sick. We only know that he had been having the cold for more than 4 times. As it were just some common cold, JaeJoong didn't went to the hospital and just feed the medicine to cure the cold.

However as he kept on supressing the cold just by feeding those medicine, he became thinner and thinner and his health condition is deteriorating as times goes by.

He had not been feeling good for the past few days and recently, his eyes had a inflammation because of wearing the contact lenes for such a long period of time.

I [the author] was presented at the 21st Golden Disk Awards held on the 14th of December. Do you know that how heartbroken I was when I saw him? His face look feeble and swollen. Despite putting on the make-up and eyeliner, it was obvious to know that he wasn't alright at all!

After TVXQ! had won the Bonsang Award, Jae Joong had went missing for a long time and he returned only when the part 1 of the event had finished about 10 minutes. Do you guys know where he had gone?!!!! He had went to the gent and he VOMITTED! I followed him till the gent. Jae Joong looked so pale when he came out of the gent and he was using the tissue to wipe his mouth. I was so worried and went up to ask him how he felt, but he just replied that he doesn't want the other fans to know and told me not to worry. We were so worried and went to ask the other for more infos. Heroshock then told us that Jae Joong attended the event despite the fact that he was having a high fever!

Actually I felt that something was amiss the moment when they were back in Korea on 14/12, Jae Joong looked so feeble and weak. Though it still hadn't been confirmed that Jae Joong had pulmonary edema, my uncle who is a doctor said that the symptoms of having a pulmonary edema is quite similar to that of Jae Joong's .

Actually he doesn't have much rest after having a pneumonia in June 2006, he continued to went to Japan on today despite that he had not recovered.

Jae Joong must be continue to went to those celebration party after the awards had ended and he must had pretended that he isn't in pain.

We all know that Jae Joong had not fully recovered from his leg injury. He will still be in deep pain whenever he had excersice too much or the weather had turned cold.

Actually while performing on stage for the promotion of the 3rd album, there were a number of times where Jae Joong was in deep pain. Yet, he continued to perform on stage, he was perspiring cold sweat. After performing the dance, he was breathing heavily and and he looked so weak!"

Source: baidu.com
Translation by: love*knots @ http://asianfanatics.net



Thursday, December 14, 2006
[INFO] 9th Japanese Single
5:04 PM

user posted image
1.Step by Step
3.Step by Step (Less Vocal)
4.PROUD(Less Vocal)

1.Step by Step(Vodeo Clip)
2.Off Shot Movie

user posted image

1.Step by Step
3.PROUD(アカペラver.)[A capella ver.]
4.Step by Step (Less Vocal)
5.PROUD(Less Vocal)

+ Special booklet - 12 pages

Release Date : 2007/01/24

Credits: 4 leaf + Mei_Yee_Chan@Soompi
forever_charmed @ af
StrawberryChocolate @ TVXQ Fans Foum

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The "Stars for Changmin" Project
3:03 PM

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
" the banner is a bit wierd
I'll be shipping the gift around February, you can say it's a birthday gift too.

inkmybank@LJ: okay my idea is that each fan WRITE him a letter and do a star origami if you dont know how just search for it online it really isnt hard! after we collected the letters and stars we'll put the stars in a nice glass bottle or something with each star representing each fan who sent letter. along with the glass bottle of stars is of course all the letters from fans all over! and everything pack in a big box and send to him. how is that??

If you're interested in this Stars for Changmin Project, please send an e-mail to justinemin@gmail.com saying that you'd like to participate. I will reply with my own mailing address so you can send your letter (JUST YOUR LETTER W/ YOUR PREFERRED STAR PAPER DESIGN... I'LL BE MAKING THE STARS). I'll take care of making the stars, getting the glass bottle, shipping it, and all that jazz. Wow -- there goes my X-Mas money. Lol.

- A nice, sweet letter to Changmin of course!
- Your name and where you're from as a closing to the letter. Example: Sincerely, Justine (GUAM).

- Try to refrain from writing down creepy messages like ME WANT YOUR BABBIIIESSS! As much as I'd want to write that down, I'm sure you don't want Changmin burning your letter to ashes. ^^;

Anymore suggestions? Please PM me away!

• DEADLINE: Before February 5, 2007.
He'll get the package before Valentine's Day or before his birthday once I ship it.

Read thoroughly before PMing me a question of yours.

• So I'll be sending YOU the letter?
Yes. I will have all letters collected before the deadline, put them all in the glass bottle filled up with origami stars and ship it to the address above. All you have to do is write the letter. ^^

• Would I have to get someone to help me write my letter in Korean then?
There's no need for your letter to be translated or written in Korean. I'm sure Changmin can read simple English, so try not to make the letter too complicating for him to read. Make every word full of love. ^^ It's better for your letter to be hand-written by YOU, right?

• Can I send a picture of myself?

• Can I send a graphic along with that letter?
As long as you print it out yourself. I don't have ink. ^^;; Make sure to staple it to your letter!

• Can I make my own origami [_______]?
Would you like it to get squished? I didn't think so. ^^;; Though, if it CAN be flattened, then you can.

• I don't care if it's squished. Can I still make a [_______]?
By all means, go ahead! If you want to make a star, here are a few great tutorials online... HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE.

• Can I do a drawing along with the letter?

• Can I write in Japanese too?
Of course! I'm sure Changmin can read/understand Japanese pretty darn well.

• Are we limited on anything?
No. You can write a letter, do a drawing/graphic, make a star (but it'll end up squished), whatever.

• Are our letters to be hand-written or typed?
It's best to have them hand-written.

• Is it okay to send in a small gift along with the letter? Like a hat or a scarf?
Maybe, maybe not. If I say yes, I'll end up paying for more for shipping costs because I'm sure everyone will start sending in small gifts if I allow this and I'm not the richest DBSK fan here. ^^;;

• How about if we send you money for shipping?
I really don't want to get people's cash. *hides* But if you're willing to, then sure!

Credits: Justine at af + lollipop@kpopkingdom

Those interested... when u write your letter... if u want to know your letter reach JUSTINE or not..include your e mail in a small piece of paper..she'll mail u when she received it

remember ur stars
this is her address

Justine Ereno
128 Choite Ct. Astumbo Garden
Dededo, Guam 96929 USA

Anymore questions pm Justine:

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Saturday, December 09, 2006
TVXQ, SuJu, and BoA on the Big Screen?
10:50 AM

The company that produce TVXQ, Super Junior and BOA; SM Entertainment (representative director: Kim Yon Min) and MK Pictures (representative director: Lee Yun) tied a bussiness agreement in the image production field such as movies and dramas on the 6th of this month.

SM Entertainment which runs diversification bussiness (meaning many kind of bussiness) and MK Pictures, the company that produced the movie "Brother Hood" and "Joint Security Area (JSA)" had a mutual agreement to cooperate in the movie bussiness. They estimate that the joint venture will bring a posivite image in South Korea and Asian market.


Article 1

SM Entertainment (head, Kim YoungMin), the company who has produced singers such as DBSK, Super
Junior, BoA etc. and MK Pictures (head Lee Eun) have joined forces.

SM Entertainment and MK Pictures are planning to make dramas and movies together and are hoping to
spread out into not only the Korean but the entire Asian market.

SM Entertainment not only has produced top stars such as DBSK, Super Junior and BoA but also actors such
as Son JiChang, Oh Yeonsoo, Yoon Dahoon and Kim Minjong. They are also training amateur actors and
actresses, Go Ara, Lee YeonHee and Choi Shiwon. Gagmen such as Jung Jongchul, Park Joonhyong are also
part of the company.

The head representative of SM, Kim YoungMin said that through this he’s hoping to expand SM

Translation by: joongieswife<3
credits to: bestiz + cyxion + in:com + Lisha@TVXQ Fans Forums
source: joynews24.com
original language: korean

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Article 2

You can also see Tvxq, Super junior and Boa on tv screen ???

The SM Entertainment (trustee Kim YoungMin ) that Tvxq, Super junior and Boa belongs to , MK *** (trustee
Lee Eun)had concluded and signed contract for movies and dramas .

This contract pass through image world’s changeable and SM Entertainment’s MK*** as common concern for
movie’s domain and drama’s manufacture. This two company used to open movie’s enterprise in Korea and
Asia’s market. SM Entertainment’s TVXQ , Super Junior , Boa etc. and Lee YeonHee will be arranged.

SM Entertainment’s Kin YoungMin said, SM movie’s world need to be officialize . From now on, SM has not
only movies but the expansion of dramas’ new enterprise is the development of the biggest entertainment
combination in Korea.

Translation by: gabre@cyxion.net
credits to: Amanda@cyxion.net + in:com + Lisha@TVXQ fans forum

Friday, December 08, 2006
[TRANS] JunJin talks about JaeJoong, about their families
10:23 PM

JunJin and Jaejoong´s hurting family relationships "Partners in suffering have sympathy for each other"

Singer JunJin (age 27, real name Bak ChumJae) has said to the press how he and his junior JaeJoong from Dong Bang Shin Ki talked about their hurting family stories.

JoyNews24 met recently with JunJin and he revealed: “I have some points in common with YoungWoong JaeJoong”.

Two years ago, while they both were having a meal together, they talked lots and by chance the topic of their families came up and they discussed it.

Recently, while YoungWoong JaeJoong was involved in the paternity case claim and his adoption as a child was revealed, JunJin also revealed that his parents divorced and he met his real mother 4 years ago.

"Jaejoong is not usually the type to speak of such issues easily, but that day we were able to talk sincerely/honestly. The truth is, at the time I had already conquered my pain to some degree so I felt a bit more comfortable talking about it."

The truth is that talking about your family situation is not easy. Even more so for singers because of the public attention.

JunJin says: “If you look outside, because we are entertainers our (human) worries are not known but we mature quickly because of experiences like this. Because my pain and JaeJoong´s were similar, we could understand each other.” He added: “We have this experience that hurt our hearts but we both tried harder and made stronger our determination to be good singers”.

JunJin is both a senior singer and older brother (hyung) to JaeJoong and has a wish to see to him and that his junior can talk about his worries.

This past November 15th, YoungWoong JaeJoong was in Mnet KM Music Video Festival receiving this year´s Best Artist Award and said after: “This is a big award so thank you very much, and during the last 3 years I´ve been impatiently waiting and now I can say it. To my birth mother: thank you so much”.`

Source: joynews
Finder: Tan (tanabata)
Translation credits: Tan (tanabata) + IN:COM + Lisha@TVXQ Fans forum
Translation check and additional translation: YJ (Shizuka YJ)
Original language: Korean

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Thursday, December 07, 2006
The Truth behind Junsu's cold
4:33 PM

This is why Junsu was absent in the first half of MKMF.

On Saturday (day of MKMF) Junsu was a lot more sick than what was said.
his blood pressure was down to 70.
the hospital told him to stay off stage...
even his mom told him to not perform that day...

and junsu said "Mom, I can't... My fans will be there and I don't want to disappoint them. And we endured a lot this year so I want to be there when the award is presented... I want to accept the award"

and because of his low blood pressure they warned him that going on stage might be excessive for his heart.... and the shot that he got was not just a shot for his 'cold' but it was actually some kind of really strong pain-killer (if more than three shots are taken, the body will not be able to handle it)

Credits: bestiz + soompi + H.O.T.&DBSK + kpopkingdom + fanaticgurl @ DBSK Exclusive + KKVL @ TVXQ Fans Forum



Shinhwa Chosen Best Korean Singer Overseas... TVXQ 3rd
12:30 PM

Click for full size:

Foreign internet users have selected the six-man group Shinhwa as the best Korean singer of the year, according to Arirang International Broadcasting on Wednesday. The group’s song “Once in a Lifetime” received 60 percent of the votes cast by foreign internet users.

Shinhwa beat last year’s winner, Kang Ta, who came in second with 20.3 percent followed by TVXQ with 17.3 percent. Super Junior took fourth place followed by Bada, Se7en, BoA, SG Wannabe, Buzz, and Paek Ji-young, with all of them winning less than 1 percent of the votes.

Only foreign netizens were allowed to participate in the vote by blocking domestic IP addresses, with the number of participants tripling from last year to some 1.9 million.

By nation, Chinese accounted for the majority of participants with 1.35 million, followed by Americans, Australians, French, Canadians, Cambodians, Brazilians, Malaysians, Taiwanese, and Japanese.

Source: KBS Global



BoA, KangTa and TVXQ! joint album
10:29 AM

BoA, KangTa-TVXQ! joint album
SM Winter Album "06 WINTER SMTOWN"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
KangTa, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, TSZX The Grace release an album.

SM Entertainment singers made a joint winter album entitled "06 WINTER SMTOWN" which will be released on December 12.

The album's title track is called "Snow Dream", a dance song for the winter atmosphere. The album consists of 13 tracks like KangTa's carol song "White Christmas", BoA's "DOTCH" and TVXQ!'s "I am not you".

Christmas and New Year messages from the singers can also be heard in the album.

Source: starnews + kpopper.com
Credits: oct23ria @ kpopper.com

* Possible Playlist:

01 ) Snow Dream (SMTOWN)
02 ) When We'll be Together (TVXQ)
03 ) Tic! Toc! (SuperJunior)
04 ) Dreams Come True (Cheon Sang Ji Hee)
05 ) Just You (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)
06 ) White Christmas (Kang Ta)
07 ) DOTCH (BoA)
08 ) Alone (TRAX)
09 ) Heaven (Zhang Li Yin)
10 ) Without you (Black Beat)
11 ) Winter of Memories (Hyun Jin)
12 ) I Love Hoya (Chu Ga Yul)
13 ) Joyful day (Song Gwang Shik)



[12-07-06] AntiFans Suspected To Extort Money, TVXQ 2nd top most anti fans?
10:21 AM

Recently in the Korean Showbiz, there had been cases where the celebrities agency receives a package which contains hypodermic needle and drugs through a motorcycle special delivery where they extorts large amount of money from the agency. Most Koreans Netizens conjectures that this series of weird crime technique might be done by anti-fans.

Threatens that the celebritiy had been injected by ice; Demands the money to be transfer to their account
From this year October to early November, there had been two singers and 1 comedian artistes who had received a package which contains ice and hypodermic needles with a threat letter sticked on top. The letter read:"You had been injected the ice into your body unknowingly where you'll be unable to espace from the examination by the respective council.' In order to prove their innocent, celebrities who had been threaten had all went to the authority to examinate by having an urine test or by plucking out few strands of hair. Luckily, there were no traces of taking drugs being found.
The Korean Police divulged that the suspects who have not yet been arrested, disguise as special delivery men who delivered the package to the celebrities agency where they extort amount range from ten million to 2 KRW million. These suspects demanded the celebrities to transfer the large amount of money to a online game account.

In order to protect the reputation of the Korean artistes, no artistes who are being involoved in this incident had been revealed to the public. However, One celeb who had been involved in this incident discoled that he initally thought that it was a joke played by his over passion fans. However, he reported this case to the authority after feeling terrified about this matter. Most netizens felt that this could be done by the crazy Anti-fans.
There is no paparazzi in Korea; celebrities are afraid of anti-fans

It is said that in Korea, there will be a anti-fans website created for a celebrity once he/she had debuted. Though there is the ongoing Hallyu Wave, there is no paparazzi in Korea where there is only crazy fans who will invade their favourite celebrity's privacy. Therefore, there will be more and more fans for a celebrity who had high popularity; but at the same time, their number of anti-fans were also increase.

One good example could be the recent incident of TVXQ leader: U-know Yoon Ho who had drank the poison beverage prepared by the anti-fans. Though there are many singers who have lots of fans, most Koreans felt that it is only the 'actors/actress' who really contribute to the ongoing 'Hallyu Wave' whereas for singers/band like H.O.T; most felt that they only use their looks and dance to attract fans. Though Rain Bi might have already been popular in other Asia C'tries, he still had many anti-fans as most felt that his body is even more attractive than his voice. Recently, GONEWS, a korean website, listed out the stars who had the most numbers of anti-fans. In this list, both former H.O.T member Jang Woo Hyuk and the korean boyband TVXQ! were in the 1st and 2nd Position respectively.

Singers/Band No. of Anti-fans
Jang Woo Hyuk -> 28122
TVXQ! -> 23169
Rain -> 12711
Tony -> 10900
Shinhwa -> 10301
Moon Hee Jun -> 8352
BoA -> 6827

Actor/Actress No. of Anti-fans
Hyun Bin -> 9147
Jo hyun Jae -> 8361
Woo-Sung Jung -> 2932
kim Tae Hee -> 2922
Lee Hyori -> 874
Song Hye Kyo -> 206

Source from: http://news.nen.com.cn/
Translated by:Love*Knots@AF
Credits: mabe@soompi + __Christine@cyxion

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Don't miss TVXQ's next appearance this Friday
6:41 PM

This show will be aired on KBS2 this Friday at 12.15 am Korean time. apparently Yoochun sang She by Elvis Costello on the programme.

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PICS: SBS Love Concert Pics
5:55 PM

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