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Friday, October 06, 2006
TVXQ spread the world!
8:02 PM

The group Dong Bang Shin Gi is starting the Korean promotion for their 3rd album. Labeling the promotion is particularly for Korea is because Dong Bang Shin Gi is no longer just a 'Gooknae (inter-Korean) group.'

This can be proved by the devoted fans of Dong Bang Shin Gi that are spread throughout Asia. On the 30th last month, 1,000 or so fans gathered in Seoul from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong, and other countries to attend the showcase that was held at the main Olympic Arena.

For a group that is not Japanese, they were the first to rank 6th on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart, and the fact that the tickets for all 11 concerts in 7 regions of Japan, along with performances in Thailand, Malaysia, and others that were part of the Asia Tour were sold out present another reason Dong Bang Shin Gi can no longer be considered just a 'Korean group.'

"The Bangkok Impact Arena performance was tremendous. We never really had any promotions in Thailand before that but 14,000 people came. 2,000 or so were waiting outside because they couldn't get tickets. We were skeptical in thinking we were really that popular." (YouKnow Yunho)

Aside from the Asia Tour confirming Dong Bang Shin Gi's popularity in this region, it became a training program to further mature Dong Bang Shin Gi from a musical standpoint.

At the press conference before their showcase performance on September 30th, they were asked how their singing abilities improved. Dong Bang Shin Gi replied that there was no special training, but the Asia Tour helped.

YouKnow Yunho is a deep bass, and ChweGang Changmin has a high tone that reaches even female's range. Xiah Junsu has a beautiful, husky, mid-high tone. Micky Yoochun has a mellifluous mid-low tone, and Hero Jaejoong has a clear mid-range tone. Thanks to several months of performing live concerts, one after another, the members each found their own musical flavor. This was confirmed in the showcase for the 3rd album release, and in the Asia Song Festival that they participated a week before.

"To artists, the 3rd album represents the peak of their success, but to us, it represents a beginning. The individual characteristics of the members are now solid, and are presented well in this album. So it does not feel like a comeback, but it feels like we're debuting all over again." (Xiah Junsu)

Dong Bang Shin Gi emphasized that they put in much effort to show a variety of different and mature images in this album. Their title song '"O"-'Jung. Ban. Hap' (Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis) is of the dance genre that their agency SM entertainment has shown since the group H.O.T. But the remake of the song "Poong Sun" (Balloon) by Five Fingers and other ballads are approachable, even by the standards of last year's trends.

"These songs are likable by teenagers, and even their parents. Through the 3rd album, we Dong Bang Shin Gi want to show that we're a group that sings many genres, and a group with good music." (Hero Jaejoong)

Not just in their 3rd album, but also at Dong Bang Shin Gi's latest concert, they are showing that they are not successful just because they are an idol group with looks and flamboyant dance that appeals to the girls. They now reach outside of Korea and rose to another level of the "Star of Asia." Dong Bang Shin Gi is determined to work even harder to live up that title.

"During the Japan Tour, there was something that remained in my memory. An old audience member who didn't know much about us was at first uninterested in us, but as the concert progress, he was enjoying our songs. It's really marvelous that you can connect through music to that audience member when our words can't even be understood. In the future, Dong Bang Shin Gi will become a group that will not only connect through music with that audience member, but also with everyone in the world." (ChweGang Changmin)

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Source: Broasia.com & TVXQFans Forum

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