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Friday, August 24, 2007
TVXQ's recent activities... between Shanghai, Taiwan and Japan
7:22 AM

东方神起凌晨到台 歌迷高速路包车追星(图)

韩国人气组合东方神起,在前晚凌晨时分从上海飞抵台湾宣传。纵使已是深宵,依然吸引到两百多名fans 接机,有歌迷忍不住哭泣,更有部分包车追星。

完成上海之旅后,东方神起在前晚赶搭最后一班机飞抵台湾,为将在十月五、六日两场演唱会宣传,此行旋风式访台三十二小时。为担心五位成员会惹来大混乱,大会特别安排三十多位保安维持秩序,两百多名fans 亦一早拉起横额在场等候。在廿三日凌晨一时,东方神起终於抵达桃园机场,虽然五子在短短四天要穿梭四个地方,但毫无疲态,更体恤fans等得辛苦,故意放慢脚步,挥手打招呼。

现场fans 就十分守秩序未有造成混乱,有fans 看到偶像喜极而泣,更有部分包车尾随往酒店,在高速公路上演一幕惊险追车。经过一晚休息,东方神起在昨日中午现身记者会(上图),五子笑容满面,更不时在交头接耳。对於日前的全球公认靓仔为对象的“花美男”选举中,东方神起的Hero 夺得四百十八万票力压言承旭夺冠,而队长U-Know 亦荣登第三位,对于能击败言承旭令各人也大感惊讶。昨晚举行fans 活动后,将於今早乘机往日本,巧合地五子这次是乘坐刚发生意外事故的“华航”班机离开,但主办单位强调对班机没意见。

Translation :
DBSK arrived in Taiwan yesterday morning ( I suppose it’s like 1am+ or something ? ) after their promotional activities in Shanghai . Even though it was really early in the morning , about 200 and more DBSK fans gathered at the airport to await their arrival . Some of the fans were in tears ( I suppose they’re touched or something ? ) and others rented vans to chase/stalk them after they left .

After finishing their trip to Shanghai , DBSK rushed down to the airport to catch the last flight leaving to Taiwan . To promote their concert on the 5th and 6th of October , DBSK came despite the fact that typhoon’s common during this season . In order to prevent chaos the people in charged hired a total of 30 and more security guards to maintain order . 200 over fans held up banners as they waited patiently for the boys to arrive .

On the 23rd , DBSK finally arrived at the airport at 1am . Even though the boys were moving to four different places in a tight schedule of four days , they showed no signs of exhaustion . They were more worried about their fans who waited long for them . To reward their fans , they walked really slowly , waving as the pass . The fans were being very co-operative as they followed orders and no chaos was caused . Some fans were overjoyed as they rented buses and vans as they followed the boys back to the hotel . ( It was extremely scary because I think the fans were really stalking the boys . LOL ! Because it says 在高速公路上演一幕惊险追车 . Haha ! )

After a night`s rest , DBSK appeared in the afternoon for an interview . Five of them were all smiling as they exchanged whispers from time to time . The voting before for the title of “ Pretty Boy ” DBSK’s Youngwoung Jaejoong had a total of 4.18 million votes as he clinched the top spot . Leader , Uknow Yunho was third . Being able to immerge first and third respectively , they were surprised as they defeated many popular guys in the running . After activities with the Taiwanese fans , they will be taking a flight over to Japan . Coincidentally , DBSK will be boarding a plane from an airline company that experienced an accident recently . However , the manager does not seem the least bit worried as she said she had no preference or views on the airline they’ll taking .


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