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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Max's UFO replies
9:05 PM

fan: changmin ah...it is raining ah..makes me feel so depressed. because of you, I cried...I wrote you 400 messages...you didn't even reply me even one...
CM: nuna, you are that rich? 400 messages ah!! I heard tmr you have exam? go study ba. dun cry because of me. tmr going for exams le still drink?
note: the longest UFO reply cm given

fan: changmin ah. please, just give me one reply. if you dun, I gonna cry. to save a person life please reply.
CM: like this, I have saved a person life^^

fan: changmin ah, I love you more than my bf!! although this is a bit...but this is the truth keke
CM: but....you can't ah nuna~^^

fan: darling. what are you doing?
CM: among our member there is someone called darling?

fan: oppa are you watching videos?
CM: now I dun watch them already.

fan: jaejoong oppa looks good with black hair....oppa why dun you cut your hair? tidy up a bit also can...
CM: I got it^^

fan: yoonho oppa! if you dun reply then you will have to marry me!
CM: I just saved yoonho hyung's future.

fan: tmr is your forth time visiting that time, tall in height is difficult to work right?

fan: the first meal for today is ramen!! to full my stomach AHGGA ANGGA~
CM: ANGGA ANGGA? now it has started.

fan: changmin ah~i am nuna ah~~~
CM: oh oh.

fan: oppa what is honey?
CM: honey. ( in chinese feng mi)
YC: darling ah~~

fan: oppa since when have you become so mature. I still remember oppa's old look.
CM: that... I can still remember too^^

fan: If you dun reply, from today onwards I not coming.
CM: replied.

fan: Shim Changmin!!! here I come Shim Changmin!!!
CM: please dun come~~

fan: that pair of eyes is simply beautiful oppa..
CM: what about the mouth?

fan: I wanna be TVXQ...just once.
CM: cannot, you are a fan.

fan: oppa if you consider teaching me dancing I will reconsider to write one message for you.
CM: then you shall not write one for me.
fan: ok, I am not. I am just behind oppa looking at you.
CM: behind me there is fridge.
fan: liar! I am behind you...
CM: are you the fridge or Junsu hyung?

fan: oppa, do you like someone who fart very loud? do you like someone who have bad breath?
CM: do you like polluting the air? do you like nuclear weapon?
note: comparing the effects between them

fan: it's raining man~if it is raining Changmin then nuna will be very happy~
CM: isn't that scary?

fan: yoonho oppa's face really is small...
CM: so is his brains...-.- [LOL!. dont take this as an insult neh]

credits : baidu + tvxq!SG
edited : kirra12 @ Asteria

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