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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
TVXQFans 1st Anniversary Contests result!
1:07 AM

First of all I wanna thank all the fans that have participated in the contest for their interest in celebrating this special occasion.
TVXQ Fans ' first anniversary was well celebrated! Numerous sweet and cute congratulation e-mails and messages kept coming from you guys and it was soooo nice to read them all and know how much you love this site!
Thank you guys, thank you very much for making this day a memorable one.
And now, time to announce the contests results!

Statistically the 3 contests were pretty much surprising. Just judge them yourselves!
  • 10 participated in the 1st contest
  • 62 participated in the 2nd contest
  • NONE participated in 3rd contest
Which is disappointing, speaking of the 3rd contest, since we intended to know how many fans have launched a site/blog totally dedicated to TVXQ.
But it's O.K , the contest will be held again in 2008! So prepare yourselves, take care of your sites/blogs, and show us how much you support and care for TVXQ through them!

Each of the 10 fans has submitted his/her personally-made headers, some even submitted more than only one, some kept on editing theirs! It was real nice to know how much you cared and we thank you very much for that.
This contest was a great opportunity to discover TVXQ fans graphic-making talents and to let them show off their skills once a header is selected as winner.
On the other hand, we intended to let you revive the TVXQ Fans Forum by giving it a new look in a more personalized way that reflects the shape in which you wanna see it.
This was probably the reason why the competition was tough considering the fact that the fans are used to high quality services and top style! That's actually what was looked for.
And as a matter of fact, none of the headers submitted by the concurrents was selected... Which means that there was no winner at this contest.

We are sorry for the , again disappointing result but we still would like to thank all who participated in the contest for the effort in making all those lovely headers.
It's just another experience. And other contests of this type will be held in the future, so keep practicing and you'll sure make it this time!

This contest was the fans' favorite!
I personally was very surprised and happy by the way you rushed to snatch your chance to win!
This contest was in fact very special and one of its kind! And I'm sure you haven't seen anyone like it before. We're really proud of it! ^^
We recieved many many compilations by the fans and were flooded by TVXQ's music! What a pleasure!
But hey! Only one has made it! ;D
YES! Contrarily to the other contests, in this one, there WAS a winner!
As you know, the winner's compil' will be set as TVXQFans.co.nr compilation so everybody can enjoy listening to it!
It will be also available in a few days for direct download both here and at the
TVXQ Fans Forum , like if it was real and official album, with front and back cover, tracklist, info about the winner, et...

Enough talking! I'm sure you want the results, that's why I'm gonna keep it short and announce it

The winner's TVXQ Fans Forum username : Vanessa

Congratulations Vanessa! You are TVXQFans BIG WINNER for this year!
You will be contacted soon via e-mail about your prize!

Finally, big thanks and huge hug to all the other participants!
Good luck for the other contest and...

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