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Sunday, January 20, 2008
January 10 08 UFO Replies
1:29 AM

Fan: My hands and feet are freezing TT TT
Althought I'm at home...Oppa please warm me up T_T
CM: Go to a warm room~ If not put clothes inside to keep warm~

Fan: I'm studying, suddenly thought of Oppa, I hope oppa can wish me good luck! That way I can even get the first place.
CM: Good luck~ Looking forward to the first place ^^

Fan: Yunho-ah! I'm liking you more and more, the passionate and disciplined you. Let our hearts never change! Promise
YH: Ah ah ah ah happy.gif Thank you.

Fan: Oppa I'm tired but can't sleep. Sing me a lullaby
YH: @Y%..........%.......& (Sings some lullaby)
Done! Sleep well~ Good night...

Fan: Doing what you want to do, living like that is really bliss.
Because the fans are over-passionate, you might feel tired, but please understand us!
The fans' existence is because of Yunho's existance, I hope that Yunho-goon can treat the fans honsetly. And we don't want to see you injured again, please continue to be happy~
YH: Thank you for those sincere words, but I also hope that those passionate fans do not cause harm to others too ^^

credits: dbsk@multiply

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