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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
U-Know & Max UFO Replies
8:36 PM

Fan: I’m waiting for Line up to air, but it’s not today…??
Yunho: Mhh. I can’t help you there ^__^ it’s sad! ~! ~

Fan: Oppa, today is the first day of my third year in high school,,, I’m feeling very unsettling,, T___T
Changmin: don’t worry, hwaiting for your third year!! ^^

Fan: does the person I love miss me too?
Changmin: ^^ please be more brave! ^^

Fan: ah, I really miss you guys, my grandsons!
Changmin: who are whose grandsons? Hehe

Fan: I’m going meet my friend today~ ^^ Changmin hwaiting hehe
Changmin: you have to hwaiting as well! ^^

Fan: I think I’m going to argue with you in my dream~ why don’t you reply me, hehe. I heard some greetings from my friend. But I really want to hear nice words from oppa, I might be dreaming! I’m going to sleep~ (there are lots of weird symbols afterwards - -+)
Changmin: go to bed please ^^

Fan: I got a wisdom tooth. This is my fifth day. My face is still swollen; I can’t even sleep because it’s so painful T___T
Yunho: I’ve had wisdom tooth before as well, you should use ice; that will alleviate the pain a little.

Fan: This is for oppa’s birthday. Others say I look like oppa >.<>.<>
Changmin: ^^this. Hehehehehe, you look like me. erh... Hehe

Fan: be my boyfriend?
Changmin: please think of this carefully~

Fan: DBSK is the sky. It feels like I can touch it but also I know I can’t. You are everyone’s dream!
Yunho: I think you are like this as well, so in a way you are also others’ dream. ^__^

Fan: Changmin ahh, noona has a lot of money. Marry noona eh? Noona is very capable~~
Yunho: Yunho: you have to get my permission first ^__^ hehe

CREDITS: Baidu; iheartuknow@LJ ; kate513+ dbsk@multiply

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