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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
[TRANSLATION] B-PASS Magazine - The Tokyo Dome Dream
3:48 AM

The dreams of 5 people have finally been realized when TVXQ had their Japanese concert “The Secret Code”. At the start of the concert, Xiah Junsu suffered from an injury. However, all 5 members managed to overcome this obstacle and presented a fantastic concert for their fans. (Reported at 7.15 from the concert venue.)

Accomplishing your dreams, means that you have to believe in the words “I can do it”, and that you always have to believe that you can do it, no matter how difficult it is. Just by doing that, TVXQ has managed to accomplish their dreams.

Since the time they debut in Japan with “Stay With Me Tonight” in 2005, they have been saying that “We dream to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome one day”. After 4 years of hard work, they finally managed to realize their dream. Of course, they faced many obstacles in order to get to this stage. When they had their debut, they were not popular, and had to perform on small stages in night clubs. They used their sincerity to create new songs, and with every new song that was created by a member, they all felt that they were one step closer to getting to perform at the Tokyo Dome.

In order to gain more recognition from people, after 4 years of effort and hard work, they finally managed to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome, where every single seat was filled up and the entire concert hall was filled up with fans. The hall was filled with all the fans’ screams, which gave encouragement and support, to TVXQ. This was TVXQ’s dream and this is what they deserved after those 4 years of hard work.

TVXQ opened the concert, “TOHOSHINKI 4TH LIVE TOUR 2009 The Secret Code FINAL in TOKYO DOME”, with [Secret Game] which comes from “The Secret Code”, their newly released 4th Album. Xiah Junsu, although injured, gave his all and danced very well. With this, the concert finally began. [Share the World] was also very exciting, and I feel that when everyone was dancing together in that song, it is a sight that was very pleasing to the eyes.

It’s thanks to everyone’s support that we are able to perform here at the Tokyo Dome (Xiah Junsu)
From [Share the world] to [Why Did I Fall in Love with You?], then to [Take Your hands], the atmosphere gradually became very high. They expressed their feelings by shouting “Everyone! Are all of you very high right now?!”. The fans shouted and screamed along, heightening the atmosphere of the concert. With the entire hall filled with red light sticks, [Stand Up!] and [9095]’s energetic performance were very much anticipated.

Changing from an outfit that was similar to English army soldiers’ uniforms, to a black outfit, they continuously sang [Force], [Purple Line] and [Jumon – Mirotic], causing the atmosphere to instantly hype up. Especially [Purple Line], where U-Know Yunho did a Michael Jackson’s dance. From the wonderful performances to the love that the audience felt while they performed, the impression left behind was very memorable. The 5 members then appeared in white to perform [Jumon – Mirotic]. They changed from a black outfit to a white one very quickly, which shocked the entire audience. The color of the clothes also contradicts each other.

Next was [Heart, Mind and Soul]. After the performance, Xiah Junsu said “It’s thanks to everyone’s support that we are able to perform here at the Tokyo Dome”. The 5 members, who have a very good relationship between themselves, started to chat comfortably with one another and also with the audience. They then performed [Wasurenaide], followed by the long awaited solo performances.

The first to perform was Xiah Junsu with [Xiahtic]. The powerful and sexy dance by Junsu caused the fans to scream non-stop. The second performance was [COLORS~ Melody and Harmony] which was composed and sung by Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun. The beautiful duet by the two of them caused the audience to melt under their amazing vocals and sing along with them, making the audience and members one. The third performance was [CHECKMATE] by U-Know Yunho who entered the stage by holding onto a pole which descended from the ceiling. His energetic and powerful performance was very suitable for the hyped up atmosphere at that point of time. Looking at U-Know Yunho’s sexy expressions, it gave the audience a refreshing feeling.

Another member who showed a different side of him was Choikang Changmin. At the Tokyo Dome, he performed the song with much charisma and showed the audience his manly side. Suddenly the atmosphere changed when Micky Yoochun started to play the piano, and all the members gathered beside him to perform the song [BEGIN]. U-Know Yunho, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Chiokang Changmin all stood beside Micky Yoochun as he played the piano. Next was then [Nobody Knows]. Their sexy dance caused the audience to scream even louder. Using all the extended stages, the 5 members walked around the hall capturing the focus of every single person on them.

Then the 5 members sang [TAXI] with their amazing vocals. The sad lyrics accompanied by their voices which was full of emotions, touched the audience. Then it was [Forever Love], followed by [O. Jung. Ban. Hap], which started off with a powerful dance by U-Know Yunho. The end of the concert was nearing, and it felt as if the Tokyo Dome was going to get destroyed with the sizzling atmosphere.

The members then changed to bright colourful clothes and performed [Choosey Lover] and [Sky] which gave off a “summer feel”. Then they moved on to perform [Somebody To Love] and [Summer Dream]. Never stopping, the members continued to perform [Survivor] and showed the audience their powerful and slick dance moves. Under the continuous shout of “ENCORE!” from the fans, the members got on cars which were driven around the stage in order to reach out to all the fans all over Tokyo Dome.

The members then sang one last song [Stand By U] to thank all their fans. All the fans then raised their blue light sticks to surprise the members with the amazing sight. After the encore, the members and the fans both could not bear to leave. This was the night where the 5 members finally accomplished their dreams after 4 years of hard work. TVXQ had their debut in Japan with a stage that only had approximately 200 people as an audience. However, they have put in their best and managed to touch person by person with their amazing voices.

Finally, they managed to hold a concert in the Tokyo Dome, which gathered over 100,000 people in 2 days. Since their debut, they have never stopped working hard in order to accomplish their dream. Tokyo Dome is only a new beginning, they still have many dreams that they want to realize. The 5 members kept on saying “thank you very much” on stage. The fans must have also felt very thankful to TVXQ for giving them such a great performance. No matter who, the person must have felt thankful to them, I’ll be anticipating and waiting for them to accomplish their next dream, just like that night.

Translation: jaesarang @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Shared by: DBSKnights

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