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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
The boys' latest messages
2:18 PM


The live at Fukuoka had ended. T_T
I had been waiting to live in Fukuoka, I did..and definitely, it ended so swiftly...

How was everyone? Had you enjoyed it? My charisma was good right!?

Having fun in the dancing and singing on the stage, felt really really good.
I think I've got lots of power from everybody today at the performance.
But it was very disappointing that there's only one live in Fukuoka...

I really thank you.
I love Fukuoka~

Credits: dnbn.org
Translation: fin123


(Hello) everyone, I am Yunho

Today is the final day in Osaka.
We´ve become one with each and everyone one of your feelings, that´s how fun it´s been
and I think the performance turned out cool. Thank you (*^ー˚ )v
Especially Somebody To Love and Together were really good.
It really was a lot of fun. Especially waving the towels with everyone (^ ^)
The live in Osaka has just finished but I already want to do a live here again

Let's have fun like today again when we meet next time.

I love Osaka (^ ^) /

Credits: withyoonho.com + Avex (Japan) + Yunho
Translation: fin123


HaHaHa! (^-^) Everybody~! I'm Changmin.
We did our very best at today's concert~ (^›^)
However, recently I'm feeling very insecure.. T_T
Last year, it was only Junsu who was talking about the Oyaji gag.
This year, even though it's important for all 5 members to sing and dance well, We still need to give everyone a new segment of laughter during MC...

Therefore, I'm having lots of pressure/stress, we're going crazy... please do help/save us. There hasn't been much inspiration recently. What are we going to do~

In any case, we'll continue doing our best.
Am praying that tomorrow's concert atmosphere wouldn't be that cold again

Credits: dnbn.org + Avex (Japan) + Changmin
Translation: fin123


大阪のみなさんもうかりまっか?パク"おおさか"ユチョンです!!あ!…ちょっと遅れましたが大阪のみんな元気?ひさびさに会えてすごくうれしかったです。今日のライブはどうでしたか?思う存分楽しめましたか?今回のライブツアー2008Tは大阪だけでなんと4..4..4..4回も!!行われますので\ (^^)/ まだ3回残っています。ぼくたちもすごく楽しみにしているので、みなさんも楽しんでくださいね。みなさんの変わらない声援がぼくたちががんばれる原動力だと思います。いつもありがとう!!明日もがんばります。

Rough translation:
Is everybody high in Osaka as well! This is Park "Osaka" Yuchun!
Oh!...How's everyone doing in Osaka? Is everybody gratified with the performance? How did I performed today? Is it different? Did everybody enjoyed without restraint?
This is how the The Live Tour 2008 [T] in Osaka is done so for 4.. 4.. 4.. 4 times! (^ ^)/
There's 3 more left. We are really looking forward to it.
Please do enjoy it! I think the driving force is your unchanged GANBARERU.

You're driving force is unchanged. We'll work hard.

Thank you everyone!!
Tomorrow we will work hard too.

Thanks always.
We'll GANBARIMASU tomorrow too.

Credits: Avex (Japan) + THSK + dnbn.org
Rough Translation done by fin123

(Osaka 3rd Live Tour "T" concert)

3 月27日 大阪 Thank you mail from 在中大家好!我是在中!大阪的第2天表演已经结束了。有点寂寞呢(T-T)不过还有2天,让我们一起来制造更多美好的回忆吧!我个人来说呢,来到大阪情绪很高涨呢!虽说刚刚结束,但是又想快点见到大家了呢!o(^-^)o而且今天到场的观众里有不少男粉丝呢!有些意外!一想到东方神起的粉丝里也有男生就觉得好开心!!当然也感到些压力( ̄∇ ̄;)今天真的很幸福!大阪最棒!!

Rough translation:
Hello everybody! I'm Jaejoong!
The 2nd live in Osaka had just ended. Feeling kind of lonely about it (T-T)
But there's still 2 more days to go, let's create memories of it!
To my point of view, coming to Osaka, the feeling was really high!
Although it had just ended, I really want to see everyone again!
And in today's concert, I noticed there was quite a number of guys fans! Am quite surprised!
To think about THSK having guys fans made me feel happy about it!
Of course there's too addition of pressure (^^/)
Today's performance was good! Osaka the best!

Credits: Baidu
Translation: fin123 @ soompi



Q: Is there any movie you watched recently that you’d like to recommend?
JS: [I Am Legend]. I felt like reading the original text after watching the movie
YH: [우리생애최고의순간] (T/N: English title: Forever the Moment), it’s a recent Korean movie about handball
JJ: [Interview]
Q: A Japanese song you liked recently is?
JS: “Kokoni iruyo’ (Here I am) (T/N: by Soulja) I like the rap and melody of the song
JJ: I like L’ARC~EN~CIEL’s ‘Daybreak’s Bell’
Q: A Western song you liked recently is?
JS: Brain McKnight’s ‘So Sorry’. I’ll tear up just by listening to it, it’s a good song
YH: “Love Is On The Way’ is a song that’s completely filled with Billy Porter’s charm, it’s a very good song.
JJ: I like Color Me Badd’s songs. The main vocalist’s voice is very unique
Q: A game you’re addicted to?
JS: A Korean online game, ‘Grando Espada’. It makes me very happy because it can move and train on its own when I leave my computer on when I’m at work
YH: Everyone’s addicted to online games
JJ: Recently, I’m getting tired of playing games online
Q: Food that you like recently?
JS: I really like Hitsumabushi
YH: Chili ramen
JJ: I still like curry
Q: A Japanese word you learned recently?
JS: Absorb (suitoru),
YH: School gathering, effusion (shinshutsu), bland (burando)
JJ: To ignite (moetsuku), love at first sight (Hitomebore)
Q: THSK’s theme for 2008 is?
JS, YH, JJ: Cool and Wild
JJ: A mature THSK~
Q: Something you want to do?
JS: Compose a song that everyone will like
YH: Write songs
JJ: I want to collaborate with many artistes.
Q: It’s already your 3rd year in Japan, when do you will that time passes very quickly?
JS: When everyone accepts my jokes in Japanese
YH: The number of singles we’ve released so far
JJ: When I see the photos we took 2-3 years ago
Q: Something you want to do with fans?
JS: I want to go to the amusement park
YH: I want to pick one of our songs and sing that song with our fans
JJ: Bring them overseas
Q: Some prank the members played that became a legend is?
JS: The birthday party on December 2007 in Thailand. I was about to die…
YH: Junsu’s birthday
Q: Something you wish a member would stop doing, or a secret you want to reveal?
JS: Changmin looks very serious but in actual fact, he’s not like that
YH: Recently Jaejoong has been using his hand phone to take pictures of the members when they are sleeping or weird expressions of them. I wish he’d stop it. I don’t want pictures taken of me in weird poses
JJ: When Junsu is eating, food will always come out from his mouth. I wish he’d stop it
Q: A joke you like?
JS: Yakkun’s “It’s so disappointing’ and Kojima Yoshuo’s ‘Not that kind of relationship’
YH: “It’s so disappointing!’
JJ: ‘O-PA-PI’ (Ocean Pacific Peace. Another one of Kojima Yoshio’s jokes)
JAEJOONG AH~~ u not juz self-cam these days? n starting to "hunt down" the others! hahhaha! :)

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