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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
[06-16-2008] Ch.9 Pen Pleum Interview Translation
3:09 AM

Q1: What do you like about Thailand?

Junsu: I like coconuts. ma-praw, phom rak khun [Coconut, I love you.]
Micky: phom rak ma-praw
Junsu: phom rak ma-praw [I love coconuts.]
Junsu: phom rak ma-praw mak mak [I love coconuts very much.]

I like the way Junsu experiments with his limited knowledge of the Thai language ^^ And Micky's a pro here, he knew Xiah didn't say the phrase correctly and promptly fixed it.

Micky likes the rainy weather in Thailand. He thinks it's romantic. JaeJoong likes elephants. This is the cute part where JaeJoong, Micky and Junsu mimicked the guest MC's elephant ear movement ^^ Max likes Muay Thai, traditional Thai martial arts, and Yunho likes the golden architectural style.

Q2: Have you ever thought of releasing a Thai album?

Yunho says they do, but they need to learn Thai language first. Junsu then goes on to describe how they like the Thai language because of its tonal nature, how it sounds melodic.

Q3: What's the concept of the 2008 photobook?

Yunho describes the two main concepts: one of them blending into the majestic natural scenery, the other of them on a camping trip. The photobook will be on sale in Korea and Thailand at the same time, and the version on sale in Thailand will have extra pictures.

Q4: Did you encounter any problem during the photoshoot?

Junsu says the main problem was the heat! They were sweating so much they had to keep wiping themselves dry. Plus cacti needles latched on to their pants! He adds that the scenery was very beautiful so they didn't feel tired, that it was fun.

Q5: So do you have plans to do a photobook in Thailand?

JaeJoong says they do and pretends to conspire as to when's a good time. They'd love to do a photoshoot in Thailand because there's such a variety of locations - the beautiful, natural scenery and the buzzling, vibrant metropolitan. If they have the chance, they'd love to come.

Q5: Do you have a location in mind? The sea?

All says Phuket!!! Phuket bada!
And Junsu has another go in Thai: Phuket. ma-praw. chai-yo! [Phuket. Coconuts. Hooray!]

Q6: This is your 7th visit to Thailand. Each time you come here, you'd say something cute in Thai. Last time was "ab-baew". So how about this time?

Micky: Not much this time but we did learn some phrases we could use to be closer to our Thai fans.
Junsu: Chai-yo! Muang Thai [Hooray! Thailand!]
Micky: jub mue kan noi [Let's hold hands.]
Micky: jub mue kan mai? [Shall we hold hands?]
Micky: kod kan noi [Let's hug each other.]
Micky: phao phom [Burn me.]
Yunho: I want to say what I feel in Thai. pra-tab-jai nai kwam-rak khong khun [I'm impressed by your love.]
JaeJoong: This is what Changmin often says. sa-was-dee krub phom shue ut-cha-ree-ya [Hello, my name is Genius.]
Micky: phao ut-cha-ree-ya [Burn the genius.]

Q7: Last question, the pink wristband that you are all wearing. Do you know its significance?

Junsu pipes up "LONG LIVE THE KING!"

Yunho explains how Dong Bang Shin Gi members become "Thai" upon their arrival in Thailand, how they'd like to share the reverence Thais have for HM the King.

JaeJoong adds they've never seen HM the King in person but they've seen him on television and witnessed their Thai friends/staff's love for HM the King. Dong Bang Shin Gi would like to be friends with Thais, so they wore the pink wristbands express their feelings and be "Thai".

Q8: Finally, what would you like to say to your Thai fans?

Micky: It's been a long time since we've been here. We feel kind of guilty for having received so much love from our Thai fans. So we'll try to come more often in return for our fans' love.
Micky: We are now working on our 4th Korean album, showing more facets of Dong Bang Shin Gi. We're putting a lot of effort into this album. Please look forward to it and continue to support us.

Thai->English Translation
Credits: srisin@TVfXQ Forever / srisin@soomp

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