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Thursday, June 19, 2008
[06-18-2008] TVXQ at M-Net Wide News - Asia Concert Tour, Asia Co
11:38 PM

Talking about the 2nd Asia Tour. Features the cute dorky boys and shots of Yunho ripping his top open while dancing to "O".

Short summary:
fans across asia went wild over DBSK! Korea's top idol group DBSK completed their Asia Tour, after 1 yr & 4 months.
ALL: Mnet viewers, hi, we're dbsk! We're in Beijing!
Narr: many people gathered for the Beijing concert.
YH: today, the "O" tour comes to an end.
JJ: this is not only the last concert on the tour, but also the 1st concert in Beijing.
YH: I'm so nervous, the arena is so big today. I worry whether the seats would be filled.
Narr: it looks like he worried for no reason. The fans' scream, enough to move the arena.

YH: I wonder if a lot of people came. we're nervous, but we'll do our best.
Narr: while they wait beneath the stage, YC starts to imitate the announcement.^^ [lol]
YC: it's about 5-10min before it starts. After every concert, we always feel proud and sad at the same time. But after this concert, I think we'll feel more sad, since it's the last concert. we'll do our best, and show "wow, this is dbsk!"

Narr: the spectacular concert began. Since it's the last concert, they also prepared a special event.
JJ: since it's the last concert, we have to do a mission.
YC: something strong! something we can't usually do on stage.
JS: something that seems impossible to do on stage, but that we can. not like wink, or peace sign or anything.
YC: those are old now.
JJ: oh, there's a new special dbsk dance.
CM: it's this dance. But if you this fast, then... [lol!] this, YC has to do it!
YC: why me, all of a sudden?!
JS: during "Drive", when...
YC: wait! Don't keep talking about this! I have to do this?
JS: of course. [lol!] after the 1st verse, you know that part...
YH: we'll say, "Go, yoochun! Go, yoochun!"
JJ: when we say, "go, yoochun", then!
JS: at at that time, don't just look at the fans, you have to look at this camera, and do it!
Narr: could yoochun be able to do the mission in front of all these fans?

ALL: go, yoochun! Go, yoochun!
Narr: it's finally time for the mission! He gets ready for it...
And with a cute "horizon dance", he succeeds in the mission! A special present for the fans~ [so cute!]

Now solo stages. 1st, YH starts with a powerful dance solo [but this is "o", not his solo...;;] he even suddenly tore open his shirt. A lot of Beijing fans probably couldn't sleep that night. Then JS shows his sexiness with a dance under a waterfall. Then YC with a smooth ballad. Then CM with a jazz stage. Dbsk definitely is the best when all 5 are together.
They changed into gray suits and sang a sweet ballad.
YH: we've toured many cities for 1 yr and 4 months. And the total audience was over 390,000. so we felt that not just in korea, but fans all over asia really cares for us.
ALL: thank you.

Now in cute cars, they race toward the fans.
CM: JS, we've been to a lot of places on this tour. Which was most memorable for you?
JS: Thailand. Last year, 12/15. it was a holy day.
Narr: the day of concert in Thailand was JS' birthday.
JJ: for me, in Taiwan. During the concert, there was a typhoon, called Crosa. And we worried whether the concert could go on.
Narr: but even typhoon was no problem for the fans.
YH: I also remember the promotions during the tour. Like when we went to Thailand. And Malaysia. No matter where we went, that the fans came to see us.
Narr: wherever dbsk went, the fans gathered. From airports to malls where they had promotional events.

YH: in july, we have a new single being released in japan. Then a-nation summer festival in japan. Then in the fall, dbsk's 4th album in korea. Please look forward to that.
We'll always do our best. We ask for your support and love always.

Credits: mickytoho + sheilapiglet for sharing + Fangirlmitz

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