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Sunday, October 15, 2006
All about Yunho's "accident"
12:41 PM

Yunho Poisoined by an ANTI FAN

While TVXQ were filming 'Heroine 6', a very serious situation


A fan sent TVXQ a big bottle of some kind of beverage and Yunho
poured a little out to drink from it. Blood came out from his mouth,
and he lost consciousness during the filming. He's now in hospital
under treatment.

TVXQ were stunned and heartbroken by this turn of events. The
situation is under investigation at the moment, and filming
for 'Heroine 6' has been stopped temporarily. Other than Yunho, the
rest of TVXQ are still at the KBS studio. Yunho's stomach has been
pumped, and he's regained consciousness.

Credit: abs-cbn.com


'Glue Beverage' Event Circumstances, Yunho, rather than throwing up, spat"
[kuki news 2006-10-15 12:56]

After taking a drink from a girl in a waiting room, popular dance group DongBangShinGi's U-Know Yunho was taken to a hospital by a 119 rescue party and was hospitalized. Within a letter delivered along with the drink was written a malicious note of "I want to kill you."

But the police has stated that "the hospital's diagnosis is that since after drinking, U-Know Yunho did not vomit but rather spat, nothing out of the ordinary was done to his health." Seoul YungDeungPo police station's initial reports said that he had vomitted.

The orange beverage left behind by the twenty-something year old fan

After filming for KBS 2TV program 'Heroine 6' at Seoul Yeudo's KBS broadcasting station concluded at about ten o'clock on the 14th, U-Know Yunho entered the waiting room and received a drink and a letter from a female who appeared to be in her mid-twenties.

As soon as he undid the bottle's cap and met the bottle to his lips, he vomitted(?) and was taken to Yeudo's Sungmo Hospital by a 119 rescue team. After receiving emergency treatment at Yeudo's Sungmo Hospital, he was transferred to Kangnam's Samsung Medical Treatment Center for closer examination. It has been disclosed that after drinking the beverage, U-Know Yunho said "I think it smells like glue."

Rough "I want to kill you" letter

In the letter delivered along with the drink was written malicious content directed towards U-Know Yunho. In the letter, "they like you because you're children. Do you think you're popular because you're so great. Don't think you're such a great dancer either. I want to kill you..." was written. Police department officials revealed, "the letter was written on A4 paper with a sign pen, but the contents were so rough."

U-Know Yunho's health condition

Exactly what was added to the drink has not yet been revealed. The police have requested an estimation by the National Scientific Investigation Laboratory. Yeudo's Sungmo Hospital's diagnosis results are that U-Know Yunho's body condition is normal.

Police officials say that "after drinking the beverage, U-Know Yunho did not throw up but immediately after putting the drink in his mouth, noted the smell and spat it out at once."

These officials say that "even at the hospital they say U-Know Yunho's health is not at risk" and "however, since the situation is so worrisome on the side of the people involved, they likely felt the need to get a closer evaluation. They had him hospitalized at Kangnam's Samsung Medical Treatment Center," they conveyed.

Police investigation situation

The YungDeungPo Police have collected the drink and letter, obtained fingerprints, and have opened the investigation. Police officials stated, "we are expecting fingerprints to show up on the beverage bottle," and "if the fingerprints show up it will be possible to discover the identity of the person who left them behind."

Also, a sketch of this girl has been drawn up. The person in charge of U-Know Yunho's hair coordi was able to see her from the front, so a sketch was possible. It is being confirmed whether or not this girl was caught on the CCTV camera that was set up close to the waiting room.

Citizen daily report, Kuki News reporter Kim Wunchul
Source: kuki news, naver.com
Translation: iridescent@soompi
Credits: soompi forums + dbskexclusive + fanaticgurl@AF + TVXQFansForum

DongBangShinGi, will continue activities with 4 members
[nocutnews 2006-10-15 10:26]

After a harmful drink left by a girl caused an evacuation to the hospital on the 14th during a telerecording session

As popular boyband DongBangShinGi leader U-Know Yunho receives treatment at a hospital after the harmful drink terror encounter, it has been decided that DongBangShinGi will continue their activities with four members.

DongBangShinGi's statement "Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Choikang Changmin plan to follow through with their pre-planned schedule without U-Know Yunho," has been given.

Right away, the four members will have their 'SBS InkiGayo' performance on the afternoon of the 15th. DongBangShinGi's plan was to perform title track "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap, which belongs to the dance genre, but due to the gravity of U-Know Yunho's situation they have decided to perform ballad I'll Be There in its place.

After the performance, there is a signing session planned for 5 o'clock where Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu, and Choikang Changmin were scheduled to come out for the first time as a group of three, but due to the sudden emergency the possibility of a change is high.

As a result, DongBangShinGi, who released their 3rd album on the 30th of the previous month, is running into a failure just 20 days later that is likely to cause heartbreak to their fans. Above all else, the remaining 4 members who were with U-Know Yunho at the site of his emergency and received much shock are likely to endure the most hardship.

U-Know Yunho, on the 14th at 9 o'clock in the evening, at the KBS building in Yeudo, during filming of program "Heroine 6" drank a harmful drink given to him near the waiting room area and was taken to a hospital when he began to vomit and feel stomach pains. U-Know Yunho, who received emergency medical treatment, is now in the midst of receiving treatment at a Kangnam hospital.

DongBangShinGi's company collected the beverage bottle immediately after the incident and are having the police evaluate fingerprints and the ingredient added to the drink, but because there is no CCTV of the criminal site, the investigation is not going well.

NoCut News broadcasting entertainment team reporter Lee Haeri dlgofl@cbs.co.kr
Credit: TVXQFans Forum



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