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Friday, July 11, 2008
Steady Magazine's Interview with Micky and Max
1:00 AM

We carried out an interview with the 2 members who came as models today. They turned all the staffs into fans because they were so nice. ~The only present in the world, so please pay attention

I once strongly felt that the next single should have this style – Changmin

During lives, I want to raise my hands and wave them around with everyone... I want to enjoy it together (with everyone) - Yoochun

----Let’s begin. How did you find the photo shoot for the ‘Coach special’?
YC: I was really nervous *laughs*
CM: I was really embarrassed doing the photo shoot with Mikiko (T/N: Female model)

----You’ll be releasing your single soon, the title left a deep impression on me.
YC: When I heard the title, I thought “It’ll be hard introducing this song’ *laughs*
CM: The members will need to adjust their voices to introduce the song during lives

---Amongst your ballads, there’s never been such a song like this before
YC:The moment I heard it, I thought ‘it’s amazing’! It’d be great if you listened to it on a summer night. I’m confident that everyone will be able to hear it in their hearts.

----Because last summer’s single was a lively single, I was surprised that this single was a ballad
YC: Although we suggested an up tempo song with a summer feel when choosing songs for the single, when I first heard this song, I really wanted to sing this song, I strongly felt this way. I wanted to change THSK’s summer image.

----The lyrics are really sad. ‘Why do I like you?’ Have you ever had such an experience in real life?
YC: When I stayed in America, I broke up with my then-girlfriend to return to Korea to pursue my dream. The feelings I had at that point in time, a mixture of helplessness and wanting her to be happy are similar to the song’s lyrics

----If the girl you love chooses someone else, what will the two of you do?
YC: I’ll think of her feelings. Should I try to communicate my feelings to her subtly?
CM: I don’t like to give up in anything that I do. Therefore, I do not want to give up

----That’s good. The girls will support you, right, Mikiko?!
Mikiko: Ha….Hai….That’s right <3>
Although ‘Why do I like you?’ was a new challenge, it was THSK’s first try at doing Reggae. The song was custom made for our live concerts/ performances. During lives, I want to raise my hands and wave them around with everyone... I want to enjoy it together (with everyone)
CM: All of us might just come out in sunglasses and dread locks to perform this song *laughs*

-----Everyone’s live tour was a huge success with 150,000 fans attending the live concert
YC: This wasn’t THSK’s strength alone, but the staffs and everyone who went for the live. I feel indebted to them. I’m so full of thankfulness.
CM: I felt the magnificence of the power of music once again. The venue got bigger and bigger, And I feel very proud that we were able to meet with 150,000 fans

---Although you wouldn’t have a tour in summer, you’ll see everyone in festivals/events, etc! Please leave a message for them.
YC: When you speak of summer, you’ll think of THSK! *laughs* THSK wants to make great summer memories with everyone!
CM: We’ll be participating in A-Nation. We’ve been working hard preparing for it, let’s enjoy this summer together

Translated by: Sparskey
Credits: beyondyuchun + <3dbsk@tvxqaustralia> + yunho-sshi.com

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