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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Kindai's Interview to JaeJoong (English Translation)
3:29 PM

Jaejoong, you’re alone this time.
I’m alone! Although I’m a little shy, I’ll do my best!

Can you explain what kind of group THSK started off as again?
Yeah, yeah, THSK is a 5 member vocal and dance group. The 5 of us met by fate and formed THSK. We debuted in Japan in April 2005. THSK means Gods springing out from the east

Eh? It isn’t ‘springing out’ but ‘rising’ right?
That’s right. It’s ‘rising’ *laughs* If we were ‘springing out’ then we’ll become “Dong Bang Shin Bi” [Gods Rising from the East] *laughs* It’s ‘rising’! Leader Yunho is very responsible and has a strong sense of integrity. Although Changmin is the youngest, he seems to have the oldest mental age. The rest of us are younger (in terms of mental age) *laughs* And Changmin is very diligent, Junsu is very talented, he can sing and dance very well, and he’s usually the mood maker in the group. Yoochun’s hobby is composing songs and writing lyrics and works hard at it during his free time. He wouldn’t give up even when he is faced with something he cannot do. He really works very hard.

This time in the new album [T], there’s a song that’s written and composed by Yoochun right?
Yeah, that’s right! Although I only participated in composing the song, I decreased my sleeping time everyday by 3 hours to work diligently on this song. However, because of my participation, the song is a little darker from the version that Yoochun originally had in his mind. *laughs* I usually like sad songs and this song also communicates sad feelings. I composed the A and B melody while Yoochun composed the bridge part of the song. We have already released a song that we composed in Korea (T/N: I think he means TVXQ as a whole, therefore referring to Evergreen) but this is the first time we’ll be releasing a song composed by us in Japan and it’s also the first time that 2 people jointly composed a song, so it’s very meaningful. Yoochun wrote the lyrics for this song, the content is very heartbreaking. The title [Just after we kissed, goodbye] sounds very sad, doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does. Is this a song where the girl has already died?
Yeah, the main character reminisces about the girl that is no longer with him. Although he knows that she isn’t there anymore, but to him, it’s just like she’s living by his side, it’s very sad right? She isn’t there any longer, although there isn’t any way to kiss, but in the main character’s memory, he kissed the girl before saying goodbye. The narration part where Yunho says ‘She was once my everything’ was especially heartbreaking. When you listen to this song carefully when it’s quiet, you’ll be able to fully appreciate the sadness of this song. [T] is an album that has various meanings that we’re very satisfied with. From the musical aspect, we have matured a lot, it seems that we are moving closer to our ideal musical style, you can say that this is proof of THSK’s maturity!

I see. So, let’s continue with your self introduction, what kind of person is Jaejoong?
Ah~ I can’t introduce myself *laughs* Ummm. It’s difficult to say things about yourself. What do you think?

Someone who’s very affectionate? I think that you’re a very kind person, as well as someone who’s very shy *laughs*
That’s true *laughs* I want to become a ‘big’ person with a big heart. I’m striving hard to become that kind of person now!

Is there anything that caught your interest recently?
Recently, I’m very interested in Japanese fashion. I didn’t really like tight pants last time but now, I really like ‘skinny pants’. I especially love pairing ‘skinny pants’ with boots

What’s THSK’s Jaejoong’s goal?
I think that being a singer means that you must convey the content of the song to everyone, now and in the future. I want to become a singer where I can effectively convey emotions and hopes to everyone!

So lastly, will Jaejoong represent all the men to leave a message for the girls~
Ummm. From a man’s point of view, I think that it’s okay even if the guy doesn’t receive expensive presents, because I think it’ll be sufficient that the guy receives chocolates given to him with sincerity

Jaejoong will receive a lot of them.
I feel very happy because I can receive lots of chocolates from the fans! However, after becoming a member of THSK, I haven’t been able to receive chocolates from my friends and family because we have been so busy. I would like that sort of experience too~

If the situation was to be reversed and you still want to receive chocolates from friends and family… *laughs*
Yeah! I’ll be very happy even if I received chocolates given to me from my friends and family! Everyone, work hard to expressing your feelings for the ones you love

Credits: TVXQSoul

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